Apr 01, 2011

Book Shoot Studio Wrap

Photography by Johnny Miller.

Many of you know that we wrapped up shooting in studio for my book with Hyperion last week.  Since I’m such a ham, I forced my team to jump in for a picture just as we finished shooting.  Yes, it was a long week and we were all exhausted.  Yes, we were all burnt out from working on this shoot for several months.  Yes, I’m sure everyone wanted to shoot me!  Anyway, everyone was able to get over that quickly after we popped out some bubbly to celebrate.

So what’s next for the book?  There are many other big things to do like writing, editing, working with Hyperion on the design of the book, and lots of other details. In the meantime, I took a long overdue break from work this week and am enjoying some time with family and friends.  We’ll be back next week with vlogs, a special giveaway, and some fun features.  Have a wonderful weekend! xo-a

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