Feb 19, 2011

Behind the Book – Photo Shoot Phase I

We’ve been so busy this week with our book shoot that we barely had time to blog!  We just finished a four day shoot for our first phase of the book.  The schedule was jam packed.  We moved all of our props to studio and our goal was to capture several tables in a small amount of time.  We had a tight schedule to keep and we needed to stick with it. Luckily, we met that goal.  My team churned things around very quickly and knocked out table after table.  Each day we were faced with getting as many shots that we could until about 5:45pm (when the lighting changed).  Some days, it was a mad rush to get the shots we wanted in time.  We were down to the wire yesterday and set up a table with all of its shots in record time {just a little under two hours which is NOT a lot of time when setting up for a photo}.  I am really pleased with the results and relieved that the first phase of the shoot is behind us.  We resume parties for the next few weeks and then we head back to shoot for another TEN days next month!  I’ll keep you apprised with Behind the Book….

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