Feb 16, 2011

Rainbow Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

We’ve seen a lot of rainbows this year in posts (rainbow cakes, rainbow sorbet, you name it), but this rainbow guest dessert feature by Janelle and Samone of Cake Ink really caught our eye.  It has a colorful, happy feel that just makes me smile.  I love how they mixed in some vintage vessels like the biscuit box and wooden vessels with the bright colored rainbow design.  The lollipop floral arrangements, umbrella cookies, cloud favor bags, and rainbow bunting are also really charming.  I think this table can brighten anyone’s day.

PS – This post is dedicated to Lisa of AAE.  If you know Lisa, she often says “no rain, no rainbows,” {meaning you can’t appreciate good times until you experience hard times).  She has had a particularly hard year so here is to her seeing many rainbows this year.

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