Jan 31, 2011

Monopoly Baseball Party for My ‘Lil Guy

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Kids

My little guy turned 5 this month and we had a fun celebration for him this weekend.  Contrary to what people might think, I actually like to throw small and intimate parties.  They are usually low-key (with the exception of a fab cake and some cute details).  Because I have been so busy with my book, I pulled this party together very last minute, but it still turned out quite sweet.

The Inspiration…the party details were inspired by two of my son’s favorite things..Monopoly and Baseball. Monopoly is the first board game that our family started playing together and my ‘lil one has really taken a liking to it.  A few times, my husband and I have even woken up to the sweet sounds of our kids negotiating properties and “buying” mortgages (my ‘lil guy says mawguhges).  He also loves baseball (specifically The Mets) and wanted to play baseball at his party with his friends.  We meshed the two concepts by creating a Monopoly design laced with baseball/Mets details.

A few fun deets…The kid table was designed to look like a Monopoly board.  The custom placemats were property cards and had Mets-inspired properties like David Wright Way, Jose Reyes Road, Citi Field, Mr. Met Way, and more. The custom napkin rings, which many kids used for bracelets by the end of the party, were made to look like Monopoly money.  We also had custom juice boxes, candy bars, water bottles, and popcorn boxes with the well known Monopoly Go sign, but it said “Go To First Base.”  Fun goody bags in Monopoly colors were made to look like the Chance and Community Chest cards, but instead said “Wish Josh a Happy Birthday and Go Directly to Citi Field.” For treats, we had an amazing Mets Monopoly cake from The Cake Studio (yes, that whole board was edible, including the little Monopoly die and board pieces). We also had Mets Monopoly property cookies and Monopoly Chance question mark cookies from Baked Ideas.  We created Monopoly property-inspired vessels for the food by covering styrofoam boxes with colored construction paper and black tape.

After many innings and several property discussions at the kid table, my ‘lil guy felt as though he had really scored at the party.  Thanks to my team who helped me pull this together on such short notice during a hectic week!

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