Oct 14, 2010

Halloween Tricks for Treats

We created some tricks for dressing up your treats which we shared on Babble this week and I thought you guys would like to see them here as well.  These styling tricks are super easy to create.  I even had my kids join in on creating them! Here are the diy steps.

Candy Cups

Wilton cups (or dixie cups or cupcake wrappers)
Scrap book paper of choice (there are lots of great Halloween patterns available now at Michaels)
Baker’s twine
1/8 inch hole punch
Halloween candy of choice

Cut scrap book paper to fit around the cups or cupcake wrappers.  Holding the scrap book paper in place, hole punch through the scrap book paper and cup.  Wrap twine through the hole and tie in a knot.  Fill with your favorite candy {my kids filled up the cups with candy}!

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Trick or Treat Bags

Paper sacks
Black scrap book paper (or construction paper)
Martha Stewart’s Trick or Treat Punch
Orange pom ribbon
Halloween candy of choice

Fill up your paper sacks with candy.  Fold over your paper sacks.  Using your craft punch, punch out black construction paper to create “Trick or Treat” tags {my kids did this step}. String the pom ribbon through the trick or treat tag and drape over the bag.  You can also secure the pom ribbon by tying around the bag.

We’re making some more spooktacular treat bags for some special clients of ours and we’ll be sure to show you a peek!

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