Oct 08, 2010


YES, you read the heading correctly!  I am jumping up and down with excitement to let you all finally know that I’m working on my first-ever book!  It has been hard to contain the excitement from you, but my publisher just made the announcement to the book world  {see below} and now I get to tell you all!

Yes, I was pinching myself when I finally saw it in writing in Publisher’s Lunch last night!   So let me give you some sweet scoop…I’m working with Hyperion Books – – who publishes lots of amazing authors including this fabulous guy and this spectacular lady – – yes, I do feel incredibly humbled to be among their stable of authors.  I’ll be creating a book which will give you tons of great ways to dress up your sweets. It will contain loads of new eye candy with brand new, never-before-seen dessert tables!  I’ll also include my best and never-before-revealed…homemade recipes, simple crafting instructions, styling tricks, practical tips, my bible of amazing sources, and lots more!  My vision is to create an approachable treasury of ideas that you can all use and learn from.  Like I do on the blog, I’ll take you into my world by showing you behind-the-scenes for how I create my tables.  I will take you all along for the ride and teach you all my tricks.

A little bit about what this journey means to me..creating a book has no doubt been my dream for quite some time.  But I didn’t want to write just another “branding book” that got buried on a shelf.  I’ve had those opportunities presented to me for over a year from other great publishers, and while they were very hard to pass up {especially because the book has always been my dream}, I knew in my heart I could make a much bigger contribution to the book world.  After all, if I’m going to create a bible with all of my best kept sweets styling secrets, I want it to be out there – – all over the country – – so it can be accessible to all of you!  I’ve mentioned before that you have to trust your gut in certain situations, and this is exactly what I had to do.  Don’t think I didn’t struggle with my choice.  I did.  I make it sound easier than it is.  But in the end I relied on my instincts and I’m so happy I did.  Because now I can put my full heart and soul into creating one of the most special books you’ll ever get your hands on.

I have my work cut out for me.  I start developing and testing recipes next week, followed by designing new craft ideas, and then fleshing out our spectacular new dessert tables that I’ve already sketched out.  I’m 100% committed to everything I do and since this is my baby, you can bet I’m going to put in even more than that into this undertaking.  I’ll take you along the ride with me during this journey, too.  While I won’t be able to reveal too much, I will share with you some ideas, and will even ask for your input.  After all, I’m creating this for all of you.

One last note….I first saw the official book announcement while checking emails from my room in the Breakers on Wednesday.  I happened to be sitting on the balcony with a view of the ocean. I thought it was ironic because my dad and I loved spending time together by the shore.  As many of you know from previous posts, my father passed away almost 4 years ago from prostate cancer.  He was my biggest cheerleader.  I like to believe we had a special moment while I was looking out on the beach while reading that announcement.  You can bet this book is going to be dedicated to him.

Okay, this is really the last note..I want to thank YOU all for helping to make this possible.  You have all been supportive and I don’t take that for granted for one second.  Now let’s go on this ride together!


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