Oct 07, 2010

Behind the Scenes Engage ’10 Part III

By: Amy Atlas, in Behind The Scenes

Scroll down for lots of great photos and two fabulous videos!

I’m back in NYC after an unbelievable experience at Engage 2010 at the Breakers.  I’m exhausted beyond belief and have to throw myself back into reality, but I must show you a peek of this conference.  A small blog post cannot possibly convey how special this conference was.  Picture this…getting to learn from and spend quality time with the BEST of the best in the industry all day and all night for four straight days. Egos were left at the door.  Everyone was on an even playing field.  Newbies in the industry were learning from those who have been in the industry for years, and experts in the industry were learning from those who are just entering with a fresh perspective.  There was frank and candid dialogue with peers while eating lunch overlooking the water.  We were able to pick each other’s brains with not a care in the world on our minds.  Now top this all off while being able to experience beautifully designed parties every single day {can you imagine all of us creative people in there and not having to worry about one single creative detail?}, non-stop delicious food, gorgeous decor details, fun music, lovely goody boxes {seriously – every time I entered my hotel room there was another one waiting for me!}  Rebecca and Kathryn of Engaging Concepts and the Breakers team blew all of us away {and we’re all tough critics} with the experience they provided.  On a personal level, it was an honor to be a speaker on a panel with Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings, Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty, and Donna of Donna Newman Photography.  You can view more of that here.  This conference was a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.  Huge thank you to Rebecca and Kathryn for being so gracious.  I don’t have time to put all of the lovely pictures in boards for you, so feel free to scroll down to see many photos for a peek.

Photography by Mel Barlow and Allan Zepeda (except for the bad ones which were taken by yours truly)

Check out these clever and yummy boxes filled with food.  Genius!

Harmony of Bridal Bar taking it all in.

Mindy Weiss {LOVE her!} giving an inspiring speech.

Todd Fiscus of Todd Events, Tara Guerard, and David Beahm – they were all fabulous!

Bryan Rafanelli {of the famed Clinton wedding} speaking and taking notes.  His speech blew me {and everyone there} away.  Yes, that is Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress.  He is sooo fun!

Here I am speaking with Darcy of MS Weddings, Abby of Style Me Pretty and Donna Newman.

Here I am with Darcy and Carley Roney of The Knot.

Our wonderful hosts Rebecca and Kathryn of Engaging Concepts.

Todd Fiscus of Todd. Events, Lara Casey and Emily of Southern Weddings, Randy Fenoli, Laurie Arons of Laurie Arons Events, and Jeff Fowler of the Breakers.

Sylvia Weinstock and Randy Fenoli decorating a cake.

Here I am with Mindy Weiss and Ellen of Lehr and Black.  I want to wrap these ladies up and spend time with them everyday.

Lunch with Sylvia Weinstock and Tara Guerard overlooking the water.  I learned so much speaking with Sylvia.  Tara is a ball of energy, fun, and incredibly creative.

Okay, here is an over-the-top event idea. A chandelier of hanging champagne glasses.  If guests wanted a sip of veuve clicquot, these lovely gals and guys on stilts would cut the ribbon, take off the champagne glass and pour it for you!

Here I am with Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings and Michelle Rago.

I had a chance to spend time with the lovely Beth Helmstetter.

Anthony and Shira of MS Weddings, Alison Events, and the crew from Mel Barlow.

Sylvia Weinstock and Randy Fenoli getting down.  They can boogie.  I boogied all night too.  Annie of Daughter of Design and I danced until our Louboutins fell off.  Those pictures are suspiciously missing from this post.  Ha!

Lara Casey, Todd Fiscus, and Xoua Vang.

Marcy Blum, Mel Barlow, and Michelle Rago. I was so happy to spend some time with Marcy.  She’s witty, fun, smart, and willing to share her experiences.

If you want to take a peek of some videos of the week, check them out here and here.  Okay, it is back to reality for me.  I hope you enjoyed a peek into this special week.

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