Sep 14, 2010

Behind the Scenes at Amy Atlas Events – Parents Magazine Shoot

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It’s back to school week for most kids {including mine} in the US this week and I have a special back to school treat for you. Remember a few months back when I shared some behind-the-scenes of baking, propping, and our vlog at a magazine shoot?  Well I’m back today to tell you what it was all for and give some more behind-the-scenes.  Parents Magazine called on us to style a “How to Rock a Bake Sale” story for their October issue.  This was a colorful and fun story and I really enjoyed cultivating it from beginning to end.  We developed the recipes and story, baked the desserts for the shoot, sourced all the props and styled this whole homemade story. Tomorrow you’ll see the whole story, but in the meantime, take a peek and see what it’s like to be on a magazine set.

On the day of (well after the story idea is created, props are sourced, and goodies are baked), it always starts with loading and unloading all of the props.  I think people think it looks so easy setting up a shoot, but it is actually a lot of physical labor.  Here are just some of the bins we used that day.

With me at the shoot were some Amy Atlas Event {AAE} peeps…Lisa, Johanna, and our former summer intern Rachael.  Rachael is now back in school, but hopefully she will read this.  Rachael – we miss you!

Rachael gets comfortable in the studio and starts painting wooden stars that we purchased at Michael’s.  This was an option for a money jar, but we ultimately used a mason jar.

Here I am chatting with the the staff at Parents Magazine.

I found a nice nook by the window to cut and craft.  The oversized windows in Manhattan studios are cozy and inspiring.

Johanna making some custom bake sale bags.  All of the signage we made was used with items you can find at your local craft stores (scrapbook paper, construction paper, felt, stickers, etc.)

This was a blondie wrapper we made by using basic art supplies like construction paper, number stickers, and wax paper.  No need to order blondie wrappers for a bake sale when you can make them yourself!

Adorable pencil stool props that we found in a prop house.

We found these oversized pencils as well!  They were taller than me!

A peek at one of the shots.  You’ll see better pictures from the very talented and sweet Monica Buck tomorrow.  We created the ruled paper backdrop and thought it was a fresher take than the expected chalkboard background.

We made an alphabet pencil cup vessel for chocolate covered pretzel rods by simply wrapping alphabet fabric around a foam cup.  We also cut bright orange felt with pinking shears for a ric rac runner.

We used props like vintage lunch boxes and cookie tins to display bake sale treats.  We also made our signature flags by simply wrapping construction paper around lollipop sticks and decorating them with multi-colored star stickers.

Stacked oatmeal cranberry raisin cookies tied with twine.  These were yummy!

Here I am getting a shot ready on set.  We found that teacher’s desk for the surface at a prop house as well.

The AAE team, Monica’s team and the Parents Magazine staff.

Come back tomorrow for the whole story and bake sale recipes!

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