Aug 31, 2010

Travel Inspired Guest Dessert Feature

Today is another guest feature marathon with exclusive  guest features today, folks!  Today’s guest features are so beautiful and I have to say I feel pretty honored and humbled that all of the guest feature peeps have told us their businesses were inspired by our work.  The first one up today is Jennifer and Marie of Sweets Indeed, who sent over a vintage “travel with me” inspired dessert bar that will make you want to jump on a hot air balloon for an adventure.  This is such a creative spin on a travel party.  I love the vintage hot air balloon and luggage props, the bustled fabric curtain with sisal rope detail, the use of map wrapping paper decor, that dreamy and fluffy cloud-like buttercream cake, and all of the other goodies like cloud meringue, chocolate hot air balloons, and cloud-like mousse.

Some Sweet Styling Tips & Tricks

(1) If you are making meringue, make more than you will need!  Meringue are fragile and I always account for breakage when using them for a party.  In fact, just this past weekend, we used life preserver meringue and the bottom layer didn’t quite make it.  If you are prepared and have extra, you don’t have to worry about running out.

(2) If you are hanging up anything like the backdrop and hot air balloons here, make sure your support system is very strong.  Consider the weather (wind) when deciding whether to hang props.  Marie and Jennifer – feel free to weigh in on what you used here.

(3) If you are creating a set-up near trees like this table, be mindful of falling leaves that may fall on your table.  Continue to check for this throughout your event.

What a great way to kick off the marathon!  Amazing job, ladies!

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