Aug 26, 2010

Circus Guest Dessert Feature

How cute is this circus guest dessert table created by Leanne of Mrs. A in the Cove blog from Australia?  I get a lot of circus submissions, but this one was executed beautifully.  I love the circus tent cupcakes, the mini doughnuts, and the small jars of strawberry milk.  Leanne did a few things right here.  First, she created a nice balance of varying heights on her table.  She also left area on the table to breathe so it doesn’t look too crowded.  I also really like how Leanne took a small cake and elevated it to create a bigger statement by stacking tiered boxes under her cake plate.  And how cute is the mini bunting decoration on top of the cake?  The mini bunting of cakes and cupcakes seems to be a new trend popping up.  It looks like Leanne also used a lot of our diy tricks like creating popcorn cups and chocolate bar wrappers out of decorative paper.  Btw, the beautiful signage came from the lovely Kim of TomKat Studio from her Etsy shop here.

A few styling {and practical} tips and tricks:

(1) Be careful about the sizing of your linens when you don’t have a special table underneath.  Sometimes the legs of a table are not that special {especially folding tables}, and in that case it is a good time to use a full length cloth.  The table above still looks beautiful, but it would have elevated the look with a full length linen.

(2) When you are using a bunting for a focal element on your table, measure out how low the bunting will be so that it doesn’t compete with your cake or other vertical elements on the table.  I’ve seen many tables where the bunting was too low and competed with the dessert on the table.  Leanne did a great job and kept some room between the cake and the bunting.

(3) When you are using decorative paper for popcorn cups, make sure the paper is either coated or that your popcorn is not greasy.  The first time I tried this out I had grease on beautiful decorative paper and it didn’t look beautiful at all!

Fantastic job, Leanne!  I look forward to seeing more tables from you.

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