Aug 12, 2010

Bunny Inspired Guest Dessert Feature

I’m back with the last of guest dessert features for the day.  Have no fear…the marathon continues tomorrow.  After that I’ll be caught up on getting some of my faves up here and I’ll be back to the regular blog post schedule with Ask Amy answers, giveaways, some great finds, and behind-the-scenes.  I’ve been meaning to get this adorable bunny dessert bar from Kristin of Bunny Cakes up on the blog. Kristin told us she took notes of our displays and applied them when creating this sweets spread for her sister’s baby shower. I love the striped linens {and the bustle detail} and those bunny cookies.  Kristin did a wonderful job of making the design relate to the space.  The table works beautifully with the blue wall and the silk taffeta striped curtains.  If you celebrate Easter or have an upcoming kids party, you should definitely bookmark this one!  Kristin – excellent work!

Some sweet styling tricks…

(1) Have extra ribbon on hand.  Cakes can grease up your ribbon sometimes and it’s great to have some extra handy just in case it happens.

(2) If you are incorporating macarons, make or order extra.  They are very delicate and can crack easily.  I always like to have some extra on hand.  If you are going to make them, be particularly aware of this.  It can take several times to perfect the art of macaron-making.

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