Aug 12, 2010

Bee Inspired Guest Dessert Feature

I’m back with the second guest dessert table feature of the day!  Mary of Very Merry Events in California sent me pictures of a bee inspired dessert bar that she created for her very own little honey’s baptism. There are so many cute details about this dessert bar..where do I start?  I think I would dive into this hive dessert bar if I was there.  I’m loving the use of craspedias, sunflowers, and large yellow tissue poms to tie in the bee theme.  I’m also smitten with the bumblebee cake.  I would have loved for that to be honey flavored inside!  And how cute is that crush bar?  I think I have a crush on that idea.  I’m sure the guests were buzzing about all the sweets long after the party!  Very well thought out and fantastic job, Mary!

A few sweet styling {and practical} tricks…

(1) Picking an Area for Your Sweets Station – There are a few things that are important when deciding where to place your confections.  Of biggest priority is where to best position it so that your guests can easily get to the desserts.  Mary used two tables here and it is especially important when using two big tables to give your guests lots of space to get to it.  As a planner, you also have to think of the best ways to get to the table to replenish as well.  Of course, it is always important to pick a spot that has a visually appealing background as well.  I weigh these three factors to find the best place for my displays.  Often they compete and it is a balancing act of what is most important to the client.

(2) Don’t Forget Your Serveware! – Remember that you need a place to put cutlery and plates!  I get so many emails from people telling me that they spent hours planning every last detail, but then they forgot to leave a spot for serveware.  It’s not always necessary to have a spot on the table {if you have all minis or if there is another spot for serveware}, but it is something to consider when you are mapping out your design.

(3) Paper Tip – This is a small but good practical tip…if you are using paper to decorate trays like Mary did above {love the paper, btw!}, then either line the paper with a piece of lucite or make sure your paper is coated. You don’t want your drinks to sweat on the paper because then your beautiful paper will be messy.  Just a tip since I’ve been there done that.

I’ll be back with another guest feature later.  Stay tuned my little bees!

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