Aug 10, 2010

National S’mores Day

By: Amy Atlas, in Recipes, Sweet Styling Tricks

I’ve been nibbling on graham crackers all morning. So it was no surprise to me when I saw a tweet from my blogging friend Thoughtfully Simple that today is National S’mores Day! Yes, I had it on my calendar and yes we just did a s’mores dessert bar for a client {sorry I can’t share that one}, but somehow I forgot it this morning. I guess it was a subliminal message when I felt myself gravitating towards the Nabisco Honey Maids this morning. Since we just created a s’mores dessert bar recently, we had lots of s’mores inspiration in our files to share with you today. For our dessert bar, we had created s’mores in many different mediums…think s’mores in a cup, s’mores on a stick, different cookies instead of grahams. Okay, I’ve shared enough for now. One day I’ll share it with you. In the meantime, fire up your fire pit {or in my case, my kitchen torch,} and dig into some gooey marshmallow, decadent chocolate, and graham cracker cookies. Happy S’mores Day!

PS – I’ll have to link back to the proper people for credit later, but I’m pretty sure the s’mores cupcakes on the top collage are from the one and only Martha Stewart. The s’mores cupcakes on the second collage are from Glorious Treats. The marshmallows on a stick are from the lovely Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie.

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