Aug 09, 2010

Vlog #5 – Behind the Scenes at Amy Atlas: Sweet Journey

Vlog #5: Behind the Scenes with Amy Atlas – Sweet Journey from Amy Atlas on Vimeo.

Lisa and I left our workload, kids and husbands in NYC to join some friends for a sweet journey in the Garden State this past weekend. It was our friend Rachel’s birthday so we took a road trip for some quality time with the girls {it was desparately needed!} On our list to do: pool time, lots of r & r, and seeing Daughtry in Atlantic City. But you know me…wherever I go, whether working or not, I have to do some “research” for sweets and candy. Since we were in Atlantic City, I knew we had to take a visit to the boardwalk and pick up some old fashioned salt water taffy from Fralinger’s and James’ Taffy as well as some decadent fudge. Both Fralinger’s and James’ Taffy have been around since the 1800s and then merged to become one of the largest salt water taffy companies. Check out our vlog to see all of the fun flavors we picked up. Be sure to learn about the interesting history of why taffy is called salt water taffy here. Enjoy our sweet journey!

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