Aug 05, 2010

Icing Smiles – Bake a Difference!

By: Amy Atlas, in Kids

I think I feel pretty close with all of you readers at this point. Do you feel the same way? I take the time to share lots of tips with you and I’m wondering if I can now ask a favor of all of you? I know it is the beginning of the morning and you all want to think good thoughts and not about cancer, but if you will, please just appease me….I think many of you know that cancer causes (especially for children) are near and dear to me. I lost my father to cancer and have a few friends with kids that are battling this ugly disease. Unless you see a family member going through it, it is hard to imagine how horrible it is. No kid should ever have to go through the emotional and painful pain that goes along with it. I recently read about the Ellie Potvin story, and was completely heartbroken. My husband, kids and I do some work for the Ronald McDonald House, but I knew I had to do more. My friend Kate Sullivan recently told me about Icing Smiles, and this seems like the perfect fit. Icing Smiles is a non profit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by critical illness of a child. For kids with cancer, every birthday is a huge milestone that we may take for granted. Kate did a cake for Ben (see pictures above), who is battling brain cancer and had to be away from home on his 9th birthday. Can you imagine how happy Ben was to see that amazing cake on his birthday?

So here’s the favor…Right now Icing Smiles is up for a 25K grant from Pepsi, and need people to vote for them so they have more funding to make cakes for these special kids. Would you all take one minute to vote for them? I know we’re all busy, but this is such a great cause and can really make an impact on so many wonderful kids. If you want to learn more about Icing Smiles, you can check out their site here. Also, if you would like to do more, like bake a cake for a child — professional and amateur bakers are welcome — you can do that as well. All of my professional baking friends, here’s is your time to bake a difference. My other baking readers, please join in as well! You can all bake a difference! If you have a blog or twitter/facebook pages, please link to this or put this in your status update to spread the word. Thank you all for appeasing me. I REALLY appreciate it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with behind-the-scenes pictures from the Martha Blogger event. I also have great guest dessert features next week.

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