Aug 02, 2010

Behind the Scenes at Amy Atlas Events: Vlog #4 – Making Candy with Papabubble

We recently trekked down to Little Italy to visit one of my favorite candy shops in NYC called Papabubble. We had a chance to make some candy with owners Chris Grassi and Fiona Ryan {scroll down below to see vlog}.  Papabubble is a vendor of mine and we’ve worked together several times to create gorgeous candy for my dessert bars. This is not just a candy store…Chris and Fiona are serious candy artists!  Below is a selection of Papabubble’s candy (lollipops, pillow mints, candy rings), but they also custom create candy art {imagine candy headbands, toothbrushes, and earrings}.  When I’m looking for a sculpted work of candy art, these are my go-to peeps!

Papabubble’s store is a combo of candy store meets mad scientist’s lab.  A wall of Erlenmeyer flasks are filled with flavor oil selections for the candy.  Citrus orange, strawberry, and passion fruit are some of the favorite flavors!

One of the great things about Papabubble is that you can watch Chris and Fiona actually make the candy.  You can see Chris and Fiona regularly flavoring, coloring, rolling, and sculpting candy in their open kitchen store.  Chris let me come to the back part of the kitchen, which customers don’t see, to view the first phase of making candy.  Below is Chris mixing glucose and fine sugar into a boiling pot of water.  Chris then poured the mixture onto a steel table and mixed in all natural flavors from the flavor wall.

Here is Fiona mixing in beautiful lavender and raspberry colors for vibrant lollipops.

Below you can see Fiona stretching the candy and then molding the candy on a silicone-covered table that is heated to 220 degrees fahrenheit.  The table is heated so that the candy is malleable for Chris and Fiona to shape the candy. I was behind this table and it was HOT! I had to wear special gloves {they happened to be called Atlas gloves!} so my hands wouldn’t burn while molding the candy.

Chris and Fiona put me to work!  Here I am kneading and stretching the candy on a hook.  I also had a chance to help roll the candy into lollipops and cut pillow mints into pieces with a custom machine.

Here I am showing off the orange lollipop that I made!  I ate it and it was GOOD!

Lisa showing off some bling…a candy art ring!

Temperatures were rising in the kitchen and Lisa and I got into an art candy war using candy swords!

Here we are with Chris and Fiona at the end of our candy making day.  I’m such a ham and I make everyone take pictures no matter how exhausted we are:-)

Visiting Papabubble is an experience so definitely put it on your list of places to go if you’re visiting from out of town! Ready for the vlog?  Just a quick note…our production skills were a little lacking on this one.  We were clicking away with the camera so we could get you pictures, but it sounds like the Papabubble-razzi were there! We’ll be more mindful next time!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a really fun how-to with Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie!

Hope you enjoy!

Vlog # 4: Behind the Scenes at Amy Atlas Events: Making Candy with Papabubble from Amy Atlas on Vimeo.

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