Jul 27, 2010

DIY Project & Template from Twig & Thistle!

By: Amy Atlas, in DIY and Templates

I’m thrilled to have Kathleen of Twig and Thistle here today as my first guest blogger! Kathleen is a gifted crafter/designer and since I’m busy getting ready for some entertaining today, Kathleen is here with a great summer entertaining diy tutorial and template!  I’ll be back tomorrow with the most adorable guest dessert table and the winner of the Meri Meri/NY Cake Giveaway. Later in the week will be behind-the-scenes of some parties we’re working on. Enjoy!- Amy

Hello everyone! I am so unbelievably excited to be here guest blogging today. I first discovered Amy’s work a few years ago and have followed her ever since, so you can only imagine my glee when she asked me to stop by and share a DIY.

I’ve always loved picnics, what better way to enjoy the summer season with family and friends than an outdoor meal. It seems only natural then that the theme is becoming more and more popular for weddings and occasions. I thought for today’s DIY, it would be fun to make custom napkins and paper utensil/chopstick wraps to give your event an elegant and personal touch! You can use this for a picnic lunch or pair the custom set with a take-out box filled with candy/dessert for a fun favor!

Here’s a peek at some diy tutorial pictures to create the personalized paper napkins and paper utensil/chopstick wraps. Scroll down for the instructions, template for the napkin punch, and sources!  Enjoy!

Custom Napkins

Materials Needed:

The PicnicNapkin_DIY_Template!

Paper Napkins
1.5″ Circle Punch
Iron-on Transfers
Ink Jet Printer

1. Download table number’s PDF and print onto Iron-on transfer paper as directed. Depending on what transfer paper you use you made need to revers the template before you print so take special note. Trim each circle out using a 1.5″ circle punch taking extra care to line up the edges. If you don’t have a 1.5″ circle punch than a craft knife can be used instead.

2. Determine where you’d like the design to appear on your napkin and place carefully on your napkin. Follow the instructions that come with the transfer paper to adhere the art work.

3. Ta-da! Unique and custom napkins without the cost!

Paper Chopstick Holders

Materials Needed:
Decorative Paper (Use any kind of decorative paper that works for your party/picnic)
Craft Knife
Double-Stick Tape

1. With a craft knife and ruler, cut a strip of decorative paper to 3″ wide and 8.5″ long.

2. Fold paper in half length wise and crease. Open paper up and fold top right corner of paper in and align straight edge with the inner crease so that you’ll see the chopsticks at tope once assembled.

3. Place double-sided tape along the long edge of the right side and bottom and fold closed creasing edges and sealing sides shut.

4. Slide chopsticks inside and adorn picnic boxes with a touch of color!


Take-out boxes from PS Stores and the craft punch from Marvy Craft Products.

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