Jul 08, 2010

Flamenco Rose Inspired Guest Dessert Table

Janelle & Samone of Cake Ink in Melbourne sent me pictures of this gorgeous Spanish themed dessert table, which they created for a newly engaged couple. Oh, how the people from down under have taken to our trend and executed it so beautifully time and time again! I have to say that it is really fun seeing different traditional candy/treats from all over the world. For example, the rock candy pictured here looks so different than the rock candy we have in the United States!

This engagement party theme was inspired by the couple’s love of travel, particularly Spain and South America, and is a subtle tribute to bride-to-be’s family heritage. The design inspiration came from the beauty of intricate Spanish stained glass windows and was carried from the invitations to the take-home favor bags. A sophisticated black and white palette was accented with bursts of red to pay homage to the Spanish flamenco rose.

The dessert table featured a two-tier chocolate mud cake, dulce de leche cupcakes, Spanish nougat, and lots of red candy. Adorning the table were handmade paper flamenco roses, personalized favor bags, a sangria-style menu board and a banner of the couple’s favorite holiday photos.

There are so many things that I love about this table, but my faves are the Spanish stained glass favor bags, the gorgeous backdrop {it was the wallpaper of the venue}, and the stark contrast of the red, white and black romantic color palette.

Since, I’m always asked…here are a few Dessert Table Designer Tricks:

(1) I’m always asked about the how-to for putting together backdrops. Honestly, its always the best case scenario to take advantage of a great backdrop, like The Cake Ink gals did here. Visit the venue as soon as the party is booked and see if the setting can inspire the table. It is less expensive and time consuming than creating a backdrop, and the dessert table can then pick up the design of your venue. Of course, if a backdrop is needed, then by all means bring one in to frame the dessert table! I know a lot of you have asked about a step-by-step tutorial for creating a backdrop. I briefly answered it in this Martha Stewart interview, but I’ll get a video tutorial of it up here soon!
(2) Re-purpose wrapping paper to create unique vessels. I do this all the time when I’m styling an event. Look at how darling the wrapped risers looks on The Cake Ink table above! It is so easy, but it really makes an impact.
(3)Also, I know I’ve told many up and coming dessert table designers to cut their cakepop sticks shorter. I always carry a 5 inch diagonal plier like this in my kit for events. Stick that in your kit for any last minute cutting and you won’t regret it!

Janelle & Samone – I hope to see more of your beautiful work! Great job!

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