Jun 16, 2010

Chicago Inspired Guest Dessert Table Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

We’ve been getting SO many amazing guest dessert table submissions. Keep them coming and we’ll get them up here. This one comes from Rama of Whimzicalparties in Omaha, Nebraska. Rama created a chic navy and silver Chicago-inspired dessert table for a high school graduate who is moving to Chicago for college. Rama asked for constructive criticism, but I really think she did a great job with this table. Here’s what she did that made it successful…

(1) Rama enlisted an artist (who happened to be the client’s mom) to create that FABULOUS Chicago backdrop. The backdrop pulls the whole table together and Rama balanced the height of her vessels and florals well so the items on her table didn’t compete with the art.
(2) Rama was working with very tough colors, yet she still managed to execute the table in a sophisticated way (In particular, blues are not easy to execute with desserts)
(3) I also really love how Rama creatively tied the ribbon around her vessels. Some vessels don’t allow for a smooth ribbon trim and the vessels she used are a perfect example. Instead of forcing the ribbon around the side, Rama layered ribbon on top.
(4) I also love those floral arrangements and the spray painted vases.

A few dessert table designer tips for everyone…
(1) If you are working with a color palette that doesn’t lend itself to baking, then limit those colors to paper, ribbon, linens, etc. and make your desserts simple by just using white. {Rama pulled it off with this palette, but I’ve seen many blue dessert tables that are hard on the eyes because there are so many competing shades of blue.}
(2) Be careful when using darker colors for desserts because you don’t want anything too saturated that will rub off on your guest’s teeth/lips at the party.

Excellent job, Rama! I look forward to seeing more from you!

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