Jun 01, 2010

Bollywood Guest Dessert Table Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

Bird of Bird Crafts from France sent us pictures of a Bollywood Bling party she created for her own anniversary. Bird included traditional Indian sweets such as gulab jamun and jalebi. She also filled colorful cups with mango lassi {yum!} I love how Bird was not afraid to embrace the bold colors of a Bollywood theme. I also love all of Bird’s custom Bollywood favors, which you can find on her Etsy Shop. She also did a good job with bringing in vertical elements like the tissue pom poms and tall apothecary jars.

A styling tip from the Dessert Table Designer…if your table is sloping in the middle (I’ve had this happen a lot with older tables), then place a piece of plywood or foam core on top of your table to even it out. Overall, great job Bird! Thanks for sharing!

PS – We’re doing a giveaway this week so be sure to come back!

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