Mar 09, 2010

Crafty Toppers and Decor

By: Amy Atlas, in Kids

After writing about this bird-inspired dessert table, one of our readers sent us a link to Irma Niekum’s Gifts Define site so we can see Irma’s adorable crafty stuffed felt dolls . Not only are Irma’s crafty little dolls perfect for kid parties, but if coordinated tastefully, some of her crafts can also be great for adult parties. You can incorporate her cupcake toppers {see below} on to a dessert bar, use her bride and groom toppers for a wedding cake topper, or use her crafty felt dolls to decorate your tablescape (perhaps intertwine them into a bunting or sew them onto the front of a tablecloth for an extra detail). Check out Irma’s full collection here. I’ll definitely be incorporating these crafty toppers for an upcoming project!

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