Feb 03, 2010

Valentine’s Day Dessert Table Part II

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest

Photographs by Belathee Photography.

I’m back today to show you more pictures of the Valentine’s Day dessert table that we created for Better TV. In yesterday’s post, you were able to see some of the items on the table like the romantic ruffled buttercream cake, key cupcakes, and “Be Mine” glasses with strawberry milk. In this post, you can see a bubblegum pink macaron tower {my kids loved that dessert}, a scalloped paper cake stand, and custom chocolate bar wrappers. I’ll post some do-it-yourself tips on these items soon!

In addition to the “Love is the Key to my Heart” theme, we also included a quilted diamond pattern in the bubblegum pink, pale pink and grey palette. You can see the quilted diamond pattern repeatedly throughout the table including the cupcakes, vessel liners, backdrop, and the scalloped paper cake stand. The color palette really worked with that pattern.

It was a lot of fun putting this table together and a wonderful experience working with the people at Better TV. It’s also an incredible learning experience seeing what goes into making a segment. Producing a segment is so different than producing an event or styling a dessert table, and let me tell you, it is a incredible craft. I have so much respect for the behind-the-scenes people that pull the segments together and am fascinated with what they do. I’ll have to do a behind-the-scenes of prepping for a tv segment to show you what goes into the production. I have some more upcoming TV to share with you soon so make sure to stay tuned!

A big shout out again to Wiley Valentine, Baked Ideas, and Belathee Photography for contributing to this shoot!

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