Oct 20, 2009

Some Pics of Our Candy/Dessert Buffet from MS Weddings Event

By: Amy Atlas, in Uncategorized

Pictures of our candy/dessert buffet from the MS Weddings event are starting to appear on the web. I didn’t take many pictures, as the lighting was a little too difficult to capture good pictures with my amateur photography skills. Above are some pictures that were on Darcy Miller’s the Brides Guide today. We’ll continue to share as we get more photos!

We created a pink a gold candy/dessert table to bring in the rich colors of the Plaza Hotel. Time was limited to come up with the design, but we found this awesome damask wallpaper from Interior Place, which we used for our backdrop and vessel liners. We also used that wallpaper to inspire us to create custom MS Weddings 15th Anniversary candy bars for the event.

We created a pink and gold 15th Anniversary dummy cake (see above) for the event. We used beautiful damask fabric that we had on hand (and used throughout the table) to imprint on the fondant and then painted the fondant with edible gold powder. We were tickled pink (pun intended!) that Darcy liked it so much that she decided to keep it as memorabilia for her office!

Also, look at the gorgeous vessels that Juliska donated for us to use on the candy table. They were the perfect touch for this romantic and charming dessert/candy buffet. Stay tuned for more pictures of the table, including the full shot and Wendy Kromer’s beautiful pink and gold cake!

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