Sep 24, 2009

DIY Project – Papier Mache Planets

By: Amy Atlas, in DIY and Templates

In my last post about my son’s space birthday party, I mentioned that Linda Facci of Facci Designs would be joining us here to share DIY tips on how to make papier mache. Linda created the papier mache planets for Zach’s party. Linda is an incredibly gifted artist. She was the design director for InStyle magazine for many years, and now owns her own graphic design boutique in NYC. She also happens to be a master crafter and is skilled in a variety of techniques, including papier mache. So when I was looking for papier mache planets for Zach’s party, I knew that Linda was the person to turn to.

Here are Linda’s DIY tips for creating the papier mache planets…Keep in mind that this is quite a labor-intensive DIY project!

Linda gathered an assortment of round balloons

She then created her papier mache mixture by mixing flour and water

Linda dipped strips of newspaper into the flour mixture

Linda applied three layers of strips to each balloon, allowing each layer to dry in between

On a damp day, this helped speed up the drying process

A closeup of the wet papier mache

Once dry, Linda painted each planet with a coat of white primer before applying the color. Then they dry again.. I love how Linda rested the planets on flower pots!

Linda used acrylic paints. The colors are easy to mix and they clean up easily with water.

The first layer of color. Then more drying time. Linda also added hooks to each planet so I could hang them.

A closeup of Neptune and Venus. With two coats of base color, a second darker or lighter color is sponged on to bring out the texture. A gloss coat is then sprayed on to give the planets some shine and protection.

The eight planets!

To view Linda’s portfolio, visit her site or her blog.

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