Sep 10, 2009

Fashion Week – Missoni-Inspired Dessert Table for InStyle Weddings!

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest

Since today marks the first day of fashion week in New York, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share another fashionable dessert table that we created for InStyle Weddings. I’m a self-confessed fashion addict and love to infuse fashion into event details to make event decor look chic. A few months ago, the editors over at InStyle Weddings put my staff to the challenge to create a small dessert table using three colors that have been predicted to be hot colors for Fall 2009 fashion. The colors given to us were Pantone colors Burnt Sienna, Nomad and Creme Brulee. As you can probably tell, these aren’t the easiest colors for desserts! Personally, I would have preferred doing the above pattern in pinks, purples and grey, however, we were up to the challenge! Since InStyle is a fashion magazine, we decided to incorporate the colors using a Missoni-inspired zig zag patterned dessert table. We took candlesticks from Crate and Barrel that had a similar zig zag design and glued them to plates to create vessels for the desserts. For desserts, we incorporated Missoni-inspired cookies, burnt sienna cupcakes, and paprika-dusted truffles. It was a lot of fun working with the people at InStyle and we also had the opportunity to work with amazing photographer Dawn Giarrizzo and stylist Mai Tran. The signage details were from the very talented Melangerie. Does fashion inspire your event details? If so, please share! Now go out and grab a pair of burnt sienna stilettos!

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