Aug 10, 2009

Poolside Dessert Table in the Hamptons

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest

I provided a sneak peek last week about the party that I helped create for my client in the Hamptons. Here are some more pictures of the event, which are also featured on Style Me Pretty today.

It was my client’s sister’s (Ellen) 50th birthday and her client’s son’s (Scott) 25th birthday. The party was an intimate family gathering in their home in Southampton. The apple green and taupe color scheme was inspired by the linens and placemats that the client was using for her dinner table. For all of Scott’s details on the dessert table, the main color was taupe. For all of Ellen’s details, the main color was apple green.

The client loved the pattern of her placemats that she was using for her dinner and we incorporated that design into the dessert table. For example, the loop detail on Ellen’s candy bags (above) had that pattern. Ellen’s popcorn cups (below) also had the loopy pattern that mimicked the placemats. We also had cookies and mini cupcakes created using that same loop detail.

For the client’s son’s 25th birthday, the client had bought her son an A Lange & Sohne watch. We had a cake replicated to look like the A Lange & Sohne watch and giftbox. The watch and giftbox were made completely out of sugar and cake! We also brought in his watch details in Scott’s personalized popcorn cups (below) and Scott’s candy bags that are hanging on the tree (third picture from the top)

The client’s sister loves hydrangeas so we had a cake created to look like a flower pot filled with hydrangeas (also completely made out of sugar and cake). There were hydrangea details on the petit fours as well.

Other sweet details:

In Scott and Ellen’s respective candy bags (on the tree) were their favorite candies. We filled Scott’s bags with reeses peanut butter cups and butterfingers, and Ellen’s bags were filled with her favorite cookies from a cookie shop in the Southampton.

We created custom straws so that the guests could drink their sparkling water with personalized Happy Birthday Scott/Ellen flags.

Best of all, I had the pleasure of working with the sweetest clients imaginable! It was wonderful creating something special for such a warm and lovely family.

Photography by Dawn Giarrizzo

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