Aug 05, 2009

Thirteen Mini Cakes – Modern Twist on Tradition

I am working on a Bat Mitzvah for a client and we have been thinking of some fun things to do in lieu of the traditional candle lighting ceremony. Traditionally, the Bat Mitzvah girl asks 13 special people to light a candle on the Bat Mitzvah cake. For this event, we will instead have 13 small cakes made and each person can light a candle from a different cake. I saw these mini cakes from my friend and famed cake designer Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes and thought is was lovely inspiration for the idea. We’ll take the design from the dessert bar that we are creating and incorporate it into different patterns for each cake. Not only will it modernize the traditional candle lighting ceremony, but it will also be a way for the Bat Mitzvah girl to honor each special candle lighter with their very own signature cake and candle.

Photography by Ben Fink.

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