Aug 04, 2009

Floral Umbrellas from Renny and Reed

By: Amy Atlas, in Uncategorized

I live in New York City and every time I pass by Renny and Reed, I am blown away by the floral umbrella masterpieces that they showcase in front of their floral boutique. Their floral umbrellas are a sidewalk signature on Park Avenue, and every season the floral experts at Renny and Reed create something whimsical and eye-catching for New Yorkers to appreciate. This season, Renny and Reed have created gorgeous pink floral umbrellas made out of silk rose petals. They attached the rose petals to fabric and trimmed it with beautiful pink satin ribbon fringe.

Their work is so inspiring. This makes me want to create a beautiful bridal shower dessert bar with hanging floral parasols. What does it inspire you to create?

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