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June 25, 2012

Book Event at Michaels Stores in NYC

We were so excited when Michaels invited us to do an event for their VIP Rewards members in their Manhattan store. As many of you know, I use Michaels items often and the crafts in Sweet Designs were created with Michaels items. I’m a kid in a candy store when I’m in their store. In fact, one of the best parts of doing an event at Michaels is that everything that I could possibly need…
June 21, 2012

Win A Consultation For Your Next Celebration!

We just arrived in Austin, Texas in time for our signing at Williams-Sonoma at The Arboretum Market. We are in love with the capital of live music!  If you’re in town, please come by at 5pm to our event for my sweet styling tricks and yummy dessert! On another note, we’re excited to partner with Williams-Sonoma for a sweet giveaway. Come to one of my signings and you can enter to win a 30 minute…
March 21, 2012

Behind the Book: Sweet Designs Video Trailer

Scroll down for the video and maximize it for the full screen! Yesterday, I shared behind the scenes pictures from our video shoot. Today, I’m so excited to share the Sweet Designs book video trailer. It feels particularly great to share the video today because we finally received the first copies of the book yesterday. Even though I had a chance to hold a mockup of the book with the cover at the video shoot,…
March 20, 2012

Behind The Book: Pictures from the Sweet Designs Video Shoot

Hi everyone.  We’re getting ready to show the book trailer for the video tomorrow.  Are you all excited?  We hope so!  In the meantime, here is a peek of behind-the-scenes photos that were taken while the cameras were rolling. I made a mini version of the “Apple of My Eye” table that is in my book.  My boys came home after school and they were able to join in the fun for the apple-filled festivities.  …
March 06, 2012

Game Night Cheery Checkerboard Craft It! {Sneak Peek Inside Book}

I can finally say that the book will be released NEXT MONTH! Last month, I shared my Oscar ready “Walk of Fame” brownie recipe {from the Bake It section} and today I’m sharing a craft recipe from the Craft It section. This “Craft It” is the Cheery Checkerboard recipe from our Game Night chapter. Friday nights after dinner are Game Night in the Atlas household. We love to play Monopoly, checkers, dominoes, and basically anything…
February 24, 2012

Oscar Ready “Walk of Fame” Brownies {Peek from My Book}

Today marks the two month countdown for my book release.  Yay!   Now that we’re FINALLY at the two month mark {thanks for being patient}, I’m going to start to share peeks of the interior of the book.  First I’ll show recipes and crafts and as we’re closer to pub date I’ll share little peeks of the gorgeous spreads.  Today I’m starting with a recipe. With the Academy Awards only two days away, I thought it…
February 08, 2012

Candy Couture Style Glossary {Sneak Peek Inside Book}

Feel free to Pin, Blog, or share with Facebook and Twitter, but please link back here. Tomorrow starts Fashion Week in NY and next week is Valentine’s Day so we felt like today was the perfect day to share this fun glossary from Sweet Designswhich brings both fashion and candy together.You all know how much I am inspired by fashion. Couple that with my love for sweets and you have the…
June 24, 2011

Sneak Peek Michaels + Behind the Book

We’re just getting back into the swing of things since being in book overdrive and will soon have lots of fun behind the scenes to share.  Above is a sneak peek of a really fun trip I took to Texas recently with the Michaels Executive team and some very crafty bloggers aka “The Michaels Creative Crew.”  This was a very fun and informative trip and I’ll give you the full behind the scenes on that…
June 08, 2011

Getting to Know Our Team: Recipe Tester Jo

A few weeks ago, we gave you a peek inside our team with our Design and Style Intern, Natalie.  This week, we are introducing you to our amazing Recipe Tester, Jo.  Jo has been on the AAE team since January and is our main tester for the book.  Yes, friends and relatives have taken a crack at some of the recipes, but it is essential {and usually required by publishers} for recipes to be tested…
May 21, 2011

Behind the Book – Photo Shoot & More

Above you’ll see scattered crafts and supplies from Michaels and baking supplies from KitchenAid. I know I was supposed to be on here yesterday with part II of my small business tips, but we had another few days of shooting this week for our book so I’ll get that post up next week.  You all left so many wonderful comments about my tips and I’m so glad that I can be helpful for any…
April 01, 2011

Book Shoot Studio Wrap

Photography by Johnny Miller. Many of you know that we wrapped up shooting in studio for my book with Hyperion last week.  Since I’m such a ham, I forced my team to jump in for a picture just as we finished shooting.  Yes, it was a long week and we were all exhausted.  Yes, we were all burnt out from working on this shoot for several months.  Yes, I’m sure everyone wanted to shoot me!  …
March 21, 2011

Behind the Book – Photo Shoot Part II

We’re back in studio today and we’ll be here all week to shoot the second part of my book.  I can’t do a long post, but you can check out a sneak peek below.  I am not in any of the pictures because I am sick as a dog!  Luckily, I have a great crew here to help out.  I’m snuggled in a chair by the set and everyone is bringing me tea and showing…
March 02, 2011

Vlog # 11: Behind the Book – Photo Shoot I

For today’s behind-the-book post, Lisa Hauptman of AAE created a behind-the-scenes vlog of our team getting ready for the first phase of our book shoot.  Click above to get a peek of the kind of work that goes into creating a book.  We head back into the second phase of our shoot in a couple of weeks so there will be more to come!…
February 19, 2011

Behind the Book – Photo Shoot Phase I

We’ve been so busy this week with our book shoot that we barely had time to blog!  We just finished a four day shoot for our first phase of the book.  The schedule was jam packed.  We moved all of our props to studio and our goal was to capture several tables in a small amount of time.  We had a tight schedule to keep and we needed to stick with it. Luckily, we met…
February 09, 2011

Behind the Book – The Planning Phase

We’re starting a new series on the blog today called “Behind the Book” where I’ll show my experiences and some behind-the-scenes peeks of making my first book.  There are many decisions that go into making a book like this, especially when it is such a visual book like mine.  If you know me, I’m a cookbook hoarder, tear sheet collector, and I’ve been keeping a journal of my ideas for years.  When I was little,…