Feb 19, 2013

Sweet Origins: Hamentashen

By: Amy Atlas, in Sweet Origins

Photograph courtesy of Food Network.

Purim is this Saturday so we thought it would be a fun time to do a Hamentashen sweet origins. Purim celebrates the defeat of Haman. To celebrate his defeat, it is traditional to bake this triangular jam-filled cookie to remember both Haman’s triangular pockets {which was said to be filled with bribe money} and his clipped ears. Pastry dough is cut into circles, filled with thick poppy seed or a prune filling and then three corners are pinched together to create a triangle shape before they are baked. We found some great tips here, which include both a dairy and pareve version. This dairy version also looks great. On Purim, it is traditional to also dress up in costumes. If you celebrate Purim, what will you be dressed as this year?

On another note, I’m headed to Israel for the first time next month! I’m really excited. We have a pretty packed itinerary, but if anyone on here has recommendations for must-see places in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, I’d love to hear!

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  • lieba

    Amy, if you are coming to Jerusalem and want a Jerusalem experience you need to check out a place called BAROOD- truly a nice place to have a bite and a drink,
    with your kids going to the Israel Museum for the KING HEROD’s treasures exhibit going on NOW..also if quiet luxury at dinner speaks to you and hubby try 1868- absolutely gorgeous. and of course you ned to go to the markets- at Machane Yehuda, Damascus gate…
    if you need more details- specific hidden gems in the market…etc would be happy to let you know! Happy travels!

  • I love the idea of serving those in the party cone!

  • Rena

    My 2 daughters are dressing up as butterflies! I am crafting butterfly snack bags with clothespins and pipe cleaners, making butterfly pretzels, baking “butter” cupcakes, and giving out butterfly glow sticks and beautifully decorated butterfly sugar cookies in a butterfly bag for our mishloach manot. Got some antenna headbands for my husband and I to wear too. 🙂 That is amazing that you’re going to Israel, our homeland. The best place in the world. I lived there for 4 yrs and I absolutely loved it. You must go on a jeeping/atv tour up north. There is a bullet factory up north that is super interesting (you can google it). And of course Yad Vashem, Rachel’s Tomb, Hebron and Cave of the Patriarchs, the Dead Sea, the Machane Yehudah shuk (soo amazing), and so much more. If I think of anything else Ill cone back and post again. I know you will love it. Its an inspiring place!

  • Rena

    Oh and the best shawarma place is right at the entrance to jerusalem next to the gas station Paz. Its called Hello Teiman. Incredible!!

  • Amy

    Rena – Thank you! Your suggestions above are so helpful. I know Yad Vashem, Machane Yehudah, Dead Sea, Rachel’s Tomb is on the itinerary. I will look at the full list tonight and compare. Thank you! -Amy

  • Karine

    Hey Amy! I live in Tel Aviv and would be happy to show you around!
    Make sure you see mamilla hotel and walking mall in Jerusalem! Tel aviv is a culinary haven so a long list of seriously amazing restaurants feel free to message me for a list!

  • Efrat

    Amy- I know you want a vacation but I wish you could have spend some time lecturing and teaching….enjoy.
    Israel is great!

  • Hi Amy,

    I am from the David Citadel Hotel and Mamilla Hotel that was suggested here. I will be happy to give you a tour of the hotels when you are in Jerusalem.

    Our concierges will be happy to assist you with planning what to see and visit in Jerusalem. Send me your itinerary/thoughts and we can continue from there.