Feb 07, 2013

A Package of Valentine’s Day Goodies {Meringue Kisses Recipe, Win a Copy Sweet Designs, Valentine’s Day Check-List and Free Printable}

Valentine’s Day is next Thursday and we thought we’d share a little love. We have lots of fun Valentine’s Day sweet ideas for the blog today.  First up….Hyperion has offered a copy of my book, Sweet Designs, to 10 lucky winners. The book is filled with 175 sweet recipes and crafty ideas to make throughout the year and there are plenty ideas for Valentine’s Day!  You can get a peek at the book if you click here. Scroll down for the contest details below. We’re also sharing my pink Meringue Kisses recipe, a free printable for chocolate bar wrappers, and a very fun Valentine’s Day check-list. Scroll on down to check it all out!  Enjoy. xoxo

PS – For the O Magazine readers who are visiting today, welcome!


Free Candy Bar Wrapper Printable – Feel free to download and print out our chocolate bar wrapper printable here to dress up a treat for a loved one!

Meringue Kisses Recipe – A Great Treat for Valentine’s Day….



Makes 24 Kisses


4 large egg whites
1/2 teaspoon Cream of Tartar
1 cup granulated sugar
Pink food coloring gel

1. Adjust the oven rack to the middle position and preheat the oven to 175° Fahrenheit.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

2. In the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, combine the egg whites and Cream of Tartar and whisk on medium-high speed until peaks form, about 2 minutes.  Increase speed to high and add sugar gradually.  Continue to whisk until the meringue is glossy and forms stiff peaks, about 2 minutes.  Whisk in a drop of pink food coloring, or as much as needed to turn the meringue pale pink.

3. Transfer the meringue to a pastry bag or resealable plastic bag fitted with a small star tip (Wilton Star Tip #22).  Pipe 12 kisses, each about 1 1/2 inches wide at the base and 2 inches high, onto the prepared baking sheet. Pipe them 2 inches apart.

4. Bake until crisp but still pale pink, about 2 1/2 hours. Do not let the meringues brown. Transfer the pan to a wire rack to let meringues cool completely.


Rules for the Book Giveaway Contest

Ten readers will receive a copy of Sweet Designs. In order to win, you must comment below what dessert you will be making for Valentine’s Day. The 10 commenters who we think give the most original dessert ideas will win. Only one comment per household. Contest ends on Monday, February 11th at midnight Eastern Time. Winner will be contacted via email and will need to respond with requested information within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be chosen. Amy Atlas Events, LLC and the sponsor reserves the right to cancel or end the contest at any time. Please feel free to share the contest with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Disclosure: Official general giveaway guidelines for this blog are in here.  Good Luck!


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  • ladywild

    We are in the middle of a major weight-loss challenge at work, so our valentines dessert will be ultra light this year. Maybe a nice angel food cake with some fresh fruit.

  • Neonmoon10

    Pavlova. Lots of fruit. I’m not sure what fruits yet, but probably blackberries and kiwi.

  • Our oven is on the fritz (I know, tragic!) so I’m going to whip up some mini peanut butter pies with an Oreo cookie crust and homemade whipped cream. No baking involved, totally easy to put together and SO delicious.

  • Jocelyn MH

    Soft hearted chocolate cake. I am making it for my son in college and shipping it to him. When I found the recipe it sounded delicious and the name is super cute.

  • nidia

    I will be
    making Alfafores a Latin dessert it has Dulce de leche in between two very light cookies with coconut around it.

  • Paula

    A lovely heart shape mille-feuille or Napoleon pastry filled with a delicious strawberry cream and some fresh fruits on top.

  • anastasiastarz

    I’ll be making creme burlee, his favourite, but with a twist. Salted Caramel Creme Burlee, with homemade coffee ice cream on the side.

  • Dominica

    Pretty Heart shaped Brownies! 😉

  • J Miller

    I’ll make a Corn Souffle topped with fresh pineapple. Very easy to prepare, incredibly delicious, it’s love at first taste!

  • I made these heart shaped brownies last year and plan to make them again this year {altering the recipe to be gluten free of course}. I’ll likely skip the conversation hearts and have my daughter make cupcake toppers. She did that last year and had so much fun using my crafting supplies to make them.

  • Heather

    We are both chocolate lovers – so I’m making a rich chocolate ganache tart, but with a bit of cinnamon and cayenne for a little spicy kick. Served with fresh whipped cream and strawberries dipped in chocolate. We’ll also be having a dessert cocktail of champagne with a generous splash of port wine.

  • I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but my go to dessert that my husband loves (and hates for me to make for anyone else) is Banana Pudding. Layer of chessmen cookies, layer of bananas, layer of cream cheese, vanilla pudding, condensed milk and whipped cream mixed and another layer of Chessmen cookies. Very rich and always a hit, plus it is so easy to make with no cooking involved!!

  • Nichola

    Chocolate Ganache Tart with Fresh Raspberries, served with fresh Vanilla Chantilly Creme; and Strawberry Coulis Panna Cotta its my other half favourites and he has been good with eating healthy and cleaning his plate, so I will treat him to two of his favourite desert.

  • My husband I won’t be able to give each other material gifts this year.Since he loves flan, so this year I will be making him a coconut flan in a heart shape mold that I ordered a few weeks back just for him.

  • Chili Chocolate lava cakes! Warm chocolate pudding with gooey chocolate center. Perfected my own recipe for this on the added loads of dark belgian chocolate and a healthy amount of chili. Topped with vanilla ice cream. 🙂 Leaves you a little flushed and wanting more. (Can I say that? It’s true though) :):):)

  • Robyn

    Mini neopolitan profiteroles. Butterscotch, dark chocolate and tart cherry filled. Glazed with a simple white chocolate glaze.
    Thank you Amy! I hope I win!

  • I am going to be making my family a pan of these delicious Cherry Brownies! They are a fav at our house:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! Have a lovlye week! Angie xo

  • jan

    I’ll be making angel food cake with lots of strawberries… and oodles of sweetened whipped cream.

  • Lisa

    Our 30th wedding anniversary is on the 12th, so whatever I make will have to be special! Perhaps something he loves that I rarely make, like a cheesecake (salted caramel cheesecake bars?).

  • Cory

    I’ll be making red velvet cupcakes with pink frosting and adding a “talking” heart candy on the top!

  • Gail

    I will be making special cupcakes for my grandchildren and their classes and some cute cookies with royal icing decorations on top. I will now include this wonderful recipe for Meringue Kissses – Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Rena

    Mini heart shaped strawberry meringue cakes- layers of meringue baked with grated bittersweet chocolate, whipped cream, and sliced strawberries!!

  • Teri

    For a fun and fabulous treat, sure to make the hearts of my hubby and 4 kiddos swoon, I am making Double Chocolate Malt Shop Cupcakes with Cherry Vanilla Buttercream, baked in shiny red cupcake liners, and served with homemade frozen hot chocolate!

  • Wendy O

    I think I will start with a muffin pan lined with pretty valentine cupcake wrappers. I will use a ginger cookie as base then a layer of coconut cream pie filling and top that with fresh whipped cream. I will finish it off with a drizzle of dark chocolate and one wild cherry M & M, if I can find them. If I can’t find them a red M & M will do.

  • Pauline

    I will be making a heart-shaped cake with strawberry icing decorated with strawberries.

  • my husband isn’t much of a dessert guy, but he loves oreos…so i am planning on making some homemade heart shaped oreos and will use some powdered sugar stencils to decorate 🙂

  • I will be making sweet potato cupcakes with cinnamon cream frosting.

  • Teresa R

    Living in the South we bake biscuits all the time…so I am making a sweet biscuit with fresh strawberry topping with a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top. Strawberries are in season at this time here in Florida!!!

  • Teresa R

    Living in the South we bake biscuits all the time…so I am making a sweet biscuit with fresh strawberry topping with a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top. Strawberries are in season at this time here in Florida!!! We call this Strawberry Shortcake!!!

  • Jennifer

    My husband loves anything with peanut butter, so I’ll make him peanut butter blossom cookies with dark chocolate hearts in the center.

  • Bonnie C.

    Always individual chocolate lava cakes on Valentine’s day!

  • Tamara

    It’s simple, but I’m making strawberry cake for my family. It’s my great-grandmother’s recipe. The recipe has been in the family for years- it’s made with real strawberries, and it’s a moist and sugary- super yum!

    While the recipe may not be super-creative; the cake brings back memories for my mom to talk of her grandmother (and I get to learn more about my great-grandmother). And that’s what Valentine’s day is all about- spending time with loved ones.

  • My husband loves banana pudding. I think that I will make him a bowl. I will attempt to make it pink. I know it will taste good. I hope it is a pretty shade of pink.

  • Thanks for showing me what cream of tartar looks like – I would’ve never found it otherwise!

  • I will be making banana pudding for the husband. He loves it. I will attempt to color it pink. I know that it will taste good. I hope that it is a pretty pink.

  • Vanessa H

    I will be making my husband banana pudding. I will be attempting to color it pink. I know that it will taste good. I hope that it is a pretty color pink.

  • This isn’t /that/ unique, but I’ll be doing pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni and then marzipan hearts for dessert (www.odense-marcipan.us/baked-marzipan-hearts/). I’ll cut up some fresh strawberries to drizzle with chocolate and serve up with the marzipan hearts.

  • Lia Tumkus

    I’m making my husband’s favorite dessert, dark chocolate mousse and strawberry trifle, sexy huh? 😉


    I am making my family a love lava cake sounds hard but is not- using a heart shaped pan, making chocolate and deep chocplate and berries in between… I cup out the centr with a heart and save that later for a treat to ice and give to sweetie next day at lunch- fill the heart in center with warmdark chocolate…the berries in the middle will be rasberries or strawberries or both and I have them on the outside of the cake for decora and color and on top sliced- its actually really pretty and everyone loves it- I made it 4 layers once and just made the hole as deep as two for the center heart so it varies but is so easy- and once I filled it with berries for a change

  • Meghan Donovan

    We always make molten chocolate (lava) cakes! chocolate=love!

  • Tracy Donovan

    Chocolate dutch baby with a salted caramel sauce!

  • Cathy Pitre

    I’m making cake pops for the kids and chocolate ganache cupcakes for the hubby!

  • Lyuda

    This is our 15th universally on 14th so I will make lot’s of sweets like Meringue with cream and strawberry inside, three lair cake with all big dates on it, figs staffed with cream cheese and coved in pomegrene sirup and nuts, and of course strawberry covered in chocolate.

  • Lyuda

    This is our 15th universally on 14th so I will make lot’s of sweets like Meringue with cream and strawberry inside, three lair cake with all big dates on it ( drunk cherry cake ), figs staffed with cream cheese and coved in pomegrene sirup and nuts, and of course strawberry covered in chocolate.

  • Lyuda

    This is our 15th universally on 14th so I will make lot’s of sweets like Meringue with cream and fruits inside, three lair cake with all big dates on it ( drunk cherry cake ), figs staffed with cream cheese and coved in pomegrene sirup and nuts, and of course strawberry covered in chocolate.

  • Cecily

    I’m going to make push pops, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting, Pink six-lets, and Cherry Heart Gummy Candies. But since I love chocolate and peanut butter I’m going to make Brownie with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Mousse, Jimmies and little heart shaped Reese’s Candies. I’m going to share with the little boys I sit, I think they will love them.

  • Lauren

    I’m going to try my hand at chocolate souffle for the first time! Wish me luck!

  • Heart Shaped Sable Cookies. They are incredibly easy to make, and yet SO stinking delicious. Will be drizzling them with a little red and white chocolate for a touch of added sweet for the kiddos.

  • Karla

    For my most favorite day of the year (because it is the “sweetest”!) I am making my “Seven Layers of Love”. It consist of 2 layers of fudge brownie, 2 layers of gooey chocolate chip cookies, 2 layers of creamy cheesecake, and a s’more smack dab in the middle! And yes, it is served up with a double shot of milk on the side.
    Thanks Amy~ enjoy your blog, books, and many creations! Happy Valentines Day♥

  • Monique

    My husband will receive a dessert that is made out of love…LOVE with big letters. He’s is my everything. We are almost married for 16 years. 16 Years of love and tears. I became sick and he is always there for me. In sickness and in health. I love him so very much that i’m gonna make him a dessert that is made with lots of love. Maybe it’s gonna be something with a macaron in heartshape…

  • The dessert is not yet known but what is absolutely certain is that it’s made with lots of love. My husband and I have been married for 16 years next week and he is always ready for me. In recent years I have become chronically sick but he will never complain. Therefore, the dessert consist of pure love, that’s for sure. Kind regards, Monique

  • Lisa

    Before my fiancé and I felt brave enough to start saying the L word to eacg other, we jokingly used other words that started with the letter L. The one that has stuck with us over the years is “I lima bean you”. So this year, he’s getting a platter of sugar cookies decorated to look like lima beans and little hearts. It’s totally corny, but I hope he enjoys his little inside joke dessert on Valentine’s Day!

  • Isabel

    Red velvet heart shaped sugar cookies. The majority will be frosted with a butter flavored royal icing but some I’ll make into ice cream sandwiches for the kiddo’s. Yum!

  • Chocolate cupcakes stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough topped with cookie dough frosting, mini chocolate chips, and a chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a heart – all homemade of course!! I actually started my vday baking early and made these yesterday to hand out to all of my coworkers! I work with a team of all men, and they said their favorite sweet treat, as simple as it is, is a chocolate chip cookie… so of course I had to take it to the next level!

  • My husband likes dark beer. And honestly, dark beer doesn’t exactly scream valentine’s day and romance but chocolate does, so I have decided to make everyone happy and mix them together to make a dark chocolate stout cake covered in chocolate ganache and topped with a few chocolate dipped strawberries. Definitely decadent, rich and sinfully romantic!

  • Julie

    I will be making Mayan chocolate truffle mini tarts and truffles to give to my husband. For my little ones, I will surprise them with home made heart shaped red berries “pop tarts”.

  • I’m making Strawberry Valentine Chex Mix! It’s made with Chex Mix ( of course!), melted white chocolate, strawberry cream pudding and Valentine M & M’s. yum!! A very sweet Valentine treat indeed!

  • Sandra Adragna

    My husband is Italian so I am doing a Valentines day version of his favorite Italian dessert Cannolli’s. I am doing a traditional cannolli shell dipped in chocolate, filled with the traditional ricotta filling that is also mixed with fresh stawberries, and a dash of whip cream and strawberry on top.

  • Shakara

    Rum Brownies for the hubby!

  • I am making heart-shaped shortbread that fits on my coffee cup! Decorating with shimmering white sprinkles & hot pink ones! Very festive! Coffee or hot cocoa + shortbread = Yum! Perfect Valentine treat!

  • Ellen

    My husband and I will celebrate valentines day with individual red velvet and raspberry trifles… The layers of red and white are super adorable for valentines day and the homemade raspberry sauce in the layers is divine 🙂 my hubby and I both love this dessert, plus the recipe earned me a top 20 place out of thousands of entries in a cooking comp last year so it’s special for both of us (my hubby was so proud!).

  • Melissa B.

    My very sweet 14 year old daughter, Lindsey, loves to bake. She has decided to hand make each of her friends cookies on a stick. She would be over the moon excited to win your beautiful give-away.
    Bless you!
    Lindsey mom, Melissa, from Portland, Oregon