Jan 17, 2013

Great Find: Elisa Strauss on Craftsy.com {+ Giveaway!}

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Swag

This is one animal print that I would be willing to get. I had lunch the other day with my sweet friend Elisa from Confetti Cakes who made the incredible Alligator Bag cake above. I mean seriously….can you believe that is a cake?  The craftsmanship is unbelievable. Elisa was telling me about the new cake decorating tutorials she just launched with Craftsy.com. For those of you who are aspiring cake decorators, crocheters or jewelry makers, Craftsy.com is a fabulous resource. Elisa is also offering our readers a 50% discount on her classes. Click here to check it out.

Now for the giveaway. One lucky reader will receive a copy of Elisa’s book Confetti Cakes along with a coupon for one Craftsy.com class of their choice FREE OF CHARGE. In order to win, you must tell us what makes you so craftsy! The person who we think has the most craftsy answer will win. Contest ends on Monday, January 21st at midnight Eastern Time. Winner will be contacted via email and will need to respond with requested information within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be chosen. Amy Atlas Events, LLC and the sponsor reserves the right to cancel or end the contest at any time.

Disclosure: Official giveaway guidelines for this blog are here.  This is NOT a sponsored giveaway. Any opinions in this post are our own and we’re sharing it because we genuinely wanted to tell you about it.

Good Luck!




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  • I am so Craftsy because I live, eat, breathe, sleep CREATIVITY. I own at least 14-15 Craftsy and Sympoz online courses. I work at 2 Bakeries, I have my own website that I “created” myself, and I also have a wonderfully supportive group of neighbors and friends who encourage me. I teach classes and hope to someday launch my own startup company. I am Denise and I am a Craftsy-holic! lol

  • Shannan

    I craft because I’m always in desperate need for attention and praise. I love to hear over and over again what a good job I did or how happy I made someone with my ‘craftiness’!

  • What a beautiful cake! I can’t believe the print and the zipper.
    I’m not incredibley craftsy, but I can make things that taste delicious, as yummy as that cake looks. So with Elisa’s book I can channel my inner craftsy goddess.

  • Sara P.

    Looks beautiful!!

  • Maria

    Being craftsy is all about inspiration and passion. When you love what you do, everything just kinda falls naturally. You get inspired, you get inventive and unconventional. You just become craftsy 🙂

  • Sweetwater Cakes

    I have been eyeing Elisa’s class on Craftsy for a while now… (I am crossing my fingers because I would LOVE her book too!)

    I am such a “craftsy” person because I love bringing smiles to people’s faces. I will work on a cake or other craft project all day long – when I see the excitement of the person that I am giving it to, I know that all of my work as paid off. Baking and cake decorating are my absolute favorite because it brings such happiness not only by looking at the artwork, but also by tasting the rich flavors. Once the cake has been enjoyed, I will have my photograph and good memories, and then with a smile, I happily begin dreaming up another creation.

  • Michelle

    I have been eyeing Elisa’s Craftsy class for a while now… (I am crossing my fingers because I would LOVE her book too!)

    Of all my “craftsy” hobbies, I enjoy baking and cake decorating the best because it is enjoyable to the eye by admiring the details of the artwork and it is also enjoyable to the tummy by tasting the rich flavors. I love to make cakes because of the smile that it brings to others. I will work all day (or even two or three) on a cake; when I see the joy it brings to people, I know that all of my hard work was worth it. With my photograph, memories, and perhaps a few cake crumbs, I am ready to dream up a new creation.

  • You asked for a crafty response about a cake,
    To knit, scrap, or bead…..I cannot take!
    For deep in my soul I was born to bake.

    I see the value in those other pursuits,
    But my talent is only for cake that is cute!

    Marina, Nicholas, Elissa, Maggie and Collette
    Have way more talent than I ever will get!

    I can only dream to emulate,
    the purse that Elissa will teach me to make.

    So please choose me for this giveaway
    As I would like to take this class today!

    • Tammy Sparks

      Sorry, I looked on google (Elisa) they had your name spelled with two ss. Should’ve stuck to the article!

  • K. Davis

    Crafting runs through my veins. I hand make gifts and party designs out of paper and various upcycled materials. When styling my son’s parties, it gives me the satisfaction of adding a lot more love to the scene with my own art on display.

  • Mary

    WOW. Amazing. I love crafting. I make beautiful book covers for my kids and hand make everything for their parties.

  • Graceyrla Mendes

    I love cakes confectionery. I’m from Brazil and would love to receive this book. I hope I’m drawn. I am very happy to win. I love making cakes.

  • Graceyrla Mendes

    I love making cakes.I love making cakes. So I wanted to get this book. I am Brazilian and loves crafting.

  • I love making things on my own, ever since I was little (with my mom’s help, from whom I am inspired)! Clothes, jewelry, desserts, you name it…
    I like anything homemade, especially gifts. I try to make my own gifts for my loved ones, because it is a very thoughtfull act and people really appreciate it!
    My belief is “Make it yourself if you dare!”.

    P.S. the cake is out of this world!

  • Gill

    I’ve enjoyed crafting since childhood – no one in my family sews but I was taken under the wing of a very talented teacher at primary school and I’ve never looked back!
    I would love to win but I think Tammy should win with her fabulous poem!!

  • Sarah

    let me start of by saying I have 3 boys under 10 so this alone motivates me to be as crafty as possible! They inspire me everyday with their creativity so all I can do is try to keep up with them. The birthday cakes they ask me to make for them always get me so excited because they go way outside the box and i’m always looking for tips/ tutorials to keep me at the ready for those crazy requests. I own a small home cake business and have made a couple of purse cakes but nothing close to Elisa’s amazing purse cake, she inspires me every time I go to her website/FB, she’s been a favorite of mine for years!

  • hueisei

    I think I am a craftsy person because I learn to make thing very fast and I had tons of downloaded tutorials from the webs in my bookshelf that I think I want to make it before I die 😀

  • Andrea

    My mom had good homemaking skills. This came in handy, as we struggled sometimes with finances. As a result, I learned to make things of beauty and joy for myself and others. I made furniture pieces for Barbie, out of cardboard. We could not afford the Barbie dream house. I learned to embroider, sew, cook and bake, paint, refinish furniture, all by watching my mother. Of course, with age and experience, I was able to surpass her.Also, so many new products became available that were unimaginable back then. Truly, though, I owe my love of creating to my mother, the first Martha Stewart in my life!

  • Kathy

    I would love to win the book and the class. This is a great giveaway. I am a craftsy person because I am dedicated to the cake decorating aspect of baking. I have taken hands on classes, attended demonstrations, watched cake decorating tv shows and read every cake decorating book I can get my hands on. Kathy

  • Angela R.

    My mother taught me about painting and observation, my father about wood and homemade furniture, and I started to cook mixing all that together… I dont have many tutorials but I have my family that are the best and most complete tutorial ever (except for cake decorating)so I think I need a book like that!

  • Kathy

    I am a very craftsy person because I am dedicated to cake decorating. I live in NY and drove to NJ on Saturday for a cake decorating class. I am driving 3 hours this Saturday to PA for another cake decorating class. I take as many hands on classes I can. I attend demos and read every book I can on cake decorating. I also watch the cake decorating shows on tv. I would love to win this giveaway. Thank you.