Aug 10, 2012

Behind The Scenes: O Magazine/Ikea Photo Shoot for Life Improvement Campaign

By: Amy Atlas, in Behind The Scenes

I know you all like a little behind the scenes action so I thought I’d share a recent shoot for a big campaign I’ll be working on for the next year.  I recently signed on as the Entertaining Expert for a program with O, The Oprah Magazine and Ikea.  I’ll be one of four women on a Life Improvement campaign inspiring women across the nation through this O/Ikea program. What is so great about the program is that it is about inspiring people to improve and live their best life. There are a lot of different components to the project that I’ll be working on, but the first one I worked on this week was a six page advertorial booklet that will be in the November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine and a page in the December issue. Keep your eyes peeled out for these issues!  I’ll also be speaking at the  O You! event in Ikea’s area in Los Angeles this year. Other experts speaking at O You! include Gayle King, Suze Orman, Dr. Oz, Martha Beck, Peter Walsh, and more. Oprah will be there as well so that will be pretty phenomenal. There is more to the program and I’ll keep you all apprised as we get deeper into the campaign. Stay tuned for more information on how I’ll be helping to inspire people through this wonderful program.  In the meantime, check out some really fun behind-the-scenes from the O Magazine shoot above. There was an incredible team of talented veterans in the field who worked on the shoot. The team on set certainly helped improve how I felt that day!

What do you do daily to help improve your life?  We’d love to know!

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  • Dorangela

    Amy how fun! You look absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Amy

    Thanks Dorangela!

  • How exciting! I can wait to see you in the pages of O Magazine. Love your shoe and jewelry options. You look amazing!!

    • Amy

      Thanks Lisa! It was a lot of fun:)

  • Oh I cannot wait for that November issue of ‘O’. Very well deserved Amy and to be standing on the stage with Oprah herself – way too cool! Good on You!

    • Amy

      Thanks Jo-Ann!

  • This is all well deserved and more. Exciting to see on the computer, can’t even imagine how fun that all must have been. Very thoughtful for you to share, makes it all the more exciting! Congratulations!!

  • Jessica

    How awesome! I discovered your website and blog not so long ago and I’m in awe of what you do, the creativity, the details, everything is just so superb (and inspiring!). I can’t wait to grab a copy of your book and be even more inspired!

    Looking forward to seeing you in the November and December issues of O. 🙂

  • Dawn

    ooh how nice to have such lovely options of clothes, shoes and jewels !! heaven. You look fab ! love the leather skirt too. x

  • How awesome!
    I do yoga daily, and I meditate, to make my life better.

  • Congratulations! This is such an honor to be involved in a project that gives back to others. I follow another blogger, Erin Gates, and I have a distinct feeling your paths will soon cross if they haven’t already. Best of luck and congratulations again! Thanks for keeping us all inspired & motivated.

  • Wow, you look really great.

  • Great Pictures! It’s always neat to get a behind the scenes peak. I love that you’re inspiring women through O magazine. So much of the time Media focuses on playing the blame game or gossiping. Empowering women to make a better future really inspires all of us. =)