Aug 01, 2012

Cookbook Covet List {Fall Books}

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Recipes

It’s a rainy day in NYC and the weather feels almost fall-like {you know those days when you just want to stay inside with a sweater?} so I thought I’d share some of the fall books that I’m craving to add to my cookbook shelf.  Believe it or not, I have over 300 cookbooks in my collection. You’d think I’d just rely on the web for browsing recipes at this point, but I never tire of looking through recipes in a book’s original format. This is especially true because I love book design and photography as much as I do making the recipes. I also love having the real book in the kitchen when I’m making a recipe and love when the pages get all tattered from flour or whatever else I’m prepping with. You may find me one day on the cookbook version of the Hoarders show, with piles of cookbooks SO high you can barely find me! With the fantastic books that are coming out this fall, there is no reason to stop hoarding now. Here’s what’s on my pre-order list.

(1) Cake Pops Holidays – Yep, Cake Pop Queen Bakerella is coming out with a special edition cake pop book for the holidays. She is always surprising the baking community with new ways to dress up cake on a stick. Who can wait to see her new creations? I know I can’t!

2) The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook – When I go to Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen site, I know I’m coming away with a good and fool-proof recipe. Loyal readers {including me} have been waiting for her cookbook forever. After trying out comfort food from her site for years, I’m proud to add her cookbook to my collection in the fall.

3) Decorating Cookies – Bridget Edwards of Bake at 350 knows how to rock a royal iced cookie and her new book will show you the basics of cookie decorating. I love the clean look of her cover!

4) Small Plates and Sweet Treats – When I read Aran of Cannelle Vanille’s site, I am instantly transplanted to her kitchen where she is baking gluten-free recipes for her family. Her photography, original recipes {which earned her a James Beard nomination}, and beautiful stories from her childhood in Basque will make you wish you lived next door to her.

5) Bouchon Bakery – Need I say more about Bouchon? Every so often, I make a trip to the Time Warner Center just for my Bouchon fix. I’m excited to add this to my Thomas Keller cookbook collection.

What’s on your fall book list?

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  • Patricia

    You must try the blueberry muffins recipe on Bouchon Bakery’s Amazon sample page! They came out absolutely perfect.

  • Sarah

    I also have a somewhat crazy cookbook collection – my husband keeps telling me it’s too large but…. I ordered 4 more earliet today – shhhhh. It’s a good think I didn’t think about Bouchon when I was ordering or it would have been five!

  • Amber

    Thank you for the lovely new books that I will be pre-ordering from Amazon to add to my growing book collection! It’s hard to find good books with such glowing recommendations here in Australia.
    With your post the other day about Dana’s Bakery and the above one about Bouchon and not to forget Williams-Sonoma and Michael’s, I have some yummy things to eat and places to see on my first visit to New York in 13 days!!!! I’m more than a little excited!

  • Oh, Amy! Thank you SO much! I LOVE that graphic above and am so looking forward to the other books coming out this fall!!! ♥

  • I don’t really have many cookbooks… I need to get my collection going!

  • Deb Buchanan

    Up at 4 in the morning and found your site – nice to know I am not the only one with an awesome cookbook collection! Many times I have been reminded about the internet’s vast supply of recipes, but curling up with a good cookbook is a much better read!

  • I am looking forward to Bakerella’s new book and I hear there are other cake pop books coming out too! Sometimes my bed is filled with books LOL. I use my local library but some books you just have to own.

  • Thats awesome I wish I had such a great collection, but Iam trying and now I own your book and I absolutely love it, you are great I even talk about it in my blog!! =)