Jul 17, 2012

Creative Macarons {Great Find}

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds

How cute are these macarons?  When we were in Beverly Hills on our Williams-Sonoma Sweet Designs stop, we were greeted with the cutest macaron package {which intentionally matched my dress, by the way} from one of our supporters, Katie of Le Pop Shop. We checked out Katie’s blog and found great macaron designs. We fell in love with the donut macarons above, but some other cute designs are her balloon, ice cream cone, and watermelon macarons. Notice how there is a fun Sweet Designs inspired macaron below, too. Macarons give you a good surface area to decorate and these ideas are just the beginning of what we foresee will be a new trend in macaron decorating. What creative designs would you make with your macarons?


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  • WOW…all I can say!

  • I make creative macarons too and you’re right, they’re a great base. So far I’ve made Scream and Jack Skellington ones for Halloween, Christmas Puddings, Gingerbread Men (that stand up), Makka Pakka ones (a UK TV character), number ones, ducks (quackarons) and feet shaped ones. It’s quite addictive once you start and I have so many more ideas. I hadn’t seen Katie’s ones before but they are gorgeous. There’s a few other people doing it too – I recently saw some really cool Great White Shark ones.

  • O M G !!!!
    I want eat them all!!!

  • Those doughnut macarons are amazingly cute and cleaver!

  • Love the ballon macarons! They are adorable.

  • I love the ballons macarons!

  • I am constantly amazed at what people can make with food!

  • These are so creative and fun!

  • I love the balloons, but the doughnuts are amazing!

  • These are so great and adorable!!

  • I love macarons and am glad to see creative people pushing the traditional form to new limits!