Jun 28, 2012

Great Finds: Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook {& Contest!}

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Swag

Have I mentioned to you all how much I love cookie dough?  It’s hard to not like, right?  Which is why I almost fainted when I first saw The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook by Lindsay Landis. This book has so many creative uses of cookie dough in its raw form. Best part?  Lindsay’s raw cookie dough does not include eggs so it isn’t a health concern eating it. Recipes include chocolate chip cookie dough fudge, cookie dough bread pudding, cookie dough creme brûlée, cookie dough-stuffed cinnamon rolls. I’m getting hungry as we speak. I kid you not, this book is not short on creative recipes {and nice styling/photography}. My boys and I have been fighting over who gets to hoard the book.  We’ve bookmarked many recipes and will dig in after my book tour is over.  In the meantime, guess what?  Lindsay’s publisher has offered up a copy of the book to THREE readers.

To win, you must tell us what type of dessert you would create with cookie dough. The person with the most creative dessert will win. Contest ends on Tuesday, July 3rd, 12pm Eastern Time. Winner will be contacted via email and will need to respond with requested information within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be chosen. Amy Atlas Events, LLC and the sponsor reserves the right to cancel or end the contest at any time.

PS – This is not a sponsored post, these opinions are all mine, and I bought the book myself.




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  • Oh gosh, it’s hard to think of something more creative than what Lindsay has already come up with… but a cookie dough lava cake, has that been done?!? When I take a bite a huge blob of cookie dough just oozes out, that’s how I imagine it.

  • Sina @ the kosher spoon

    Loooove cookie dough. I would thin the dough out a little and make a cookie dough creme brûlée! Perfect combination of burnt sugar crunch and soft tender cookie dough!

  • All of those desserts look delicious! My husband is a freak for raw cookie dough, so he would love this cookbook! I’ve always wanted to somehow make a cookie dough cheesecake – I love both so so much!

    [email protected]

  • Well… I can see myself melting chocolate and peanut butter morsels, shaping them into flat circles, topping them with a small scoop of chilled chocolate dough to make cute, tempting treats!

    I can also think of chilling it until it gets firmer, crumbling it over frosted cupcakes! What a treat!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a cool book!


  • (in my previous comment I said chocolate dough instead of cookie dough) but… I guess it was clear what I was talking about.

  • Diane

    Oh my gosh, looked at the contents of the book so I didn’t duplicate and everything I came up with she already had in the book! Since I am guessing cookie dough, cookie dough is out I will have to say cookie dough frozen bananas. Love a chocolate dipped frozen banana and love cold/frozen cookie dough, how could they not be good together.

  • Rena

    Oh my what would I make that she hasnt already thought of?? Maybe a mint chocolate chip whoopie pie with cookie dough filling? mmmmm

  • Those cookie dough s’mores look pretty enticing to me!

  • Oh, good heavens! I love cookie dough! I would love to have a copy of this cookbook in my arsenal. What would I make??? Hmm!!!! I think I’d do cookie dough fondue….. different cookie dough flavors & different fondue chocolates.

  • Kristy

    cookie dough tarts!

  • Emily

    I love love cookie dough! I would probably make a chocolate chip cookie dip to dip graham crackers in. Ohh, or maybe make a cookie dough smores. Graham crackers spread with chocolate chip cookie dip and topped with a toasted marshmallow and barely melted chocolate!

  • What isn’t in this book! I would love to fill a Boston Cream Pie with it, maybe even add some layers and alternate vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough 😮

  • Steve Marchbanks

    Cookie dough strawberry filled tamales!!! Now tell me that’s not creative lol

  • Joanie Marchbanks

    Roll out pillsbury sugar cookie dough …. Put a thin layer of strawberry preserves…. Then a layer of chopped pecans or walnuts… Roll up in a floured towel…. And then cut into thin slices…. Tadah now you have cookie dough pinwheels!!!

  • Stephanie M.

    Cookie dough frozen yogurt!! Not that creative but oh so delicious!!!!

  • Justin M

    Roll out cookie dough…. Fill with blueberrys and strawberrys….fold the cookie dough over then pinch the sides of the cookie dough together… Now you have cookie dough calzone!!!! :p

  • Cherie

    Cookie dough spaghetti with chocolate sauce!!!! Or you could do a cookie dough quesadilla!!

  • This book would be ideal for me!! I love cookie dough!!!

  • Alexia

    No one said this had to be healthy, right? My idea is decidedly unhealthy.

    My mother-in-law makes this amazing dessert salad. Pineapple tidbits, candied pretzels tossed in a fluff of cream cheese, cool whip and sugar. It’s heavenly. My thought is to take the cookie dough and roll it into little bite sized pieces. Eliminate the pineapple from the above combination and substitute with the cookie dough. Cookie dough, candied pretzels and heavenly fluff… I could eat the whole bowl!

  • Amy N

    I’d try a cookie dough semifreddo. Perfect for summertime.

  • Lisa

    I struggle to think of anything better than straight up chocolate chip cookie dough, but how about a Popsicle? Not a cookie dough ice cream popsicle, but straight up cookie dough, frozen on a stick. Yum!

  • My husband LOVES cookie dough so I’d love to have this book! I think cookie dough chips and dip would be fun. Fry or bake some tortilla strips & sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar for the “chips” and the “dip” could be the cannolli cookie dough filling mentioned in the book. Yum 🙂

  • Ashley A.

    How about cookie dough frosting for cupcakes? You’d have to keep them in the fridge, but I know it would be delicioso!!!

  • Stevie

    How about Fried Cookie Dough…instead of frying candy bars I would frying cookie dough and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

  • Katy

    I would make chocolate chip cookie dough cinnamon rolls; roll out the cookie dough, place chopped pecans and a little cinnamon sugar. Roll it up and cut them into pinwheels and put it in the oven…take it out and add some icing, how yummy would that be breakfast!!

  • Amanda R

    I would make a cookie dough “cheese” ball. Take a large scoop of cookie dough, roll it in finely chopped walnuts to make it look like the actual cheese balls you get in the store or make to serve with crackers. But instead of crackers, you can put out vanilla wafers. Also have fudge and/or starberry topping to spread on the cooke first than add your spread of the cookie dough cheese ball. A dessert “cheese and crackers”!

  • Anh

    I’m on a bit a french macaron kick + I adore ganache. Maybe a bit unorthodox, but you asked for creative! How about a cookie dough french macaron half dipped in chocolate ganache….mmmm I can already imagine it.

  • Jo

    Yum! I love Bud’s chocolate chip pie, so rather than wait for it to cook, a cookie dough pie with extra chocolate chips to make it richer…delicious!

  • You could make a cookie dough pizzelle and roll it into a cone or canoli….then stuff with cookie dough, strawberries, nuts and whatever else makes you happy and drizzle with chocolate ganache and top off with vanilla whipped topping…… sounds delicious!! If your camping wrap in tin foil and roast over a fire!!!

  • Michelle

    My husband refuses to eat cookie dough with eggs (I know, it’s crazy!), so this book would be perfect for him to experience what he has been missing all these years….

    The cookie dough smore looked very tasty, which made me think it would be really fun to roast cookie dough over a campfire. Perhaps the outside would bake like a cookie, but the inside would still have the raw cookie dough flavor. Yummy, and perfect for the summer!

  • Cookie dough twinkie sandwiches!

  • Gwen

    I would heat/thin the choc chip cookie dough base then drizzle it over popcorn. Perfect combination of salty and sweet!! For added fun I would bake up individual cookie bowls to serve it in 🙂

  • I’d make chocolate and cream cheese cake pops with a mini cookie dough ball in the center of each pop. I might decorate them to look like the earth. The earth’s core would be made out of cookie dough!

  • Holly

    What’s better than cookie dough? Cookie dough and icecream!… I would mix little pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough into vanilla icecream and sandwich it between two chocolate chip cookies!

  • karissa

    I want this book so bad my favorite thing is chocolate chip cookie dough yummy ! I would make chocolatechip cookie dough stuffed pretzels dipped in chocolate. Or this one I made for my birthday its called doso uble cookie lovers ice cream cake so oreo crust fudge layer cookies and cream ice cream more oreo crust then fudge layer then a chocolate chip cookie topped with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Covered in whip cream man so good almost ate the whole thing by myself. If everybody else wasn’t grabbing for it :))) this will be my cake for all my birthdays to come. Cookies and ice cream all in one can anything get better

  • Tenna

    Zucchini/squash flowers dipped in light cookie dough and fry.

  • A perfect treat for the 4th of July would be to make cookie dough truffles and skewer them along with strawberries and other fruits that are in season to make a Cookie Dough Kabob! A little bit sweet and a little bit healthy as well!

  • Leslie

    A favorite memory from childhood for me was going to the mall and getting cookie pops. I’d love a cookie dough pop dipped in chocolate or peanut butter. Everything tastes good off of a stick. 😉

  • How about a cookie dough eclair or profiterole? Those are usually filled with a beautiful pastry cream, but you could easily substitute that for cookie dough! The slightly crispy pate a choux and chocolate ganache will perfectly complement the cookie dough filling!

  • I would love to make chocolate chip cookie dough fudge. Doesn’t that sound great?

  • Claudia

    From what I have heard I think that Lindsay has come up with almost everything…I obviously think that cookie dough could be beneficial in s’mores (say frozen instead of or along with the chocolate bar), or, for that matter, what about a cookie dough flavored marshmallow.

  • leigh

    brownies with a cookie dough swirl. My two fave desserts!

  • Laura

    I’d love to try a cookie dough strawberry tiramisu tarte yum 😀