Jun 27, 2012

Read This, Eat That! {Plus a Giveaway of up to 15 copies of Sweet Designs for your Book Club}

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Behind The Book, Swag

Ever wonder what to serve for your book club meetings?  Not to worry. We’ve paired some fun ideas from Sweet Designs so your food and desserts pair well with your book discussions. You can get really creative with all of the recipes in the book. For example, my cherries pies from my Picnic in the Park chapter are great if you are discussing The Life of Pi. Any honey dessert from my Beehive chapter would be perfect for The Secret Life of Bees.  My olive oil grape cake in my Vineyard chapter would work well when discussing John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath. Desserts from my Game Night chapter would be great for James Martins’ A Game of Thrones or Nicholas Spark’s The Lucky One.  I’ve listed some more below, but the options are pretty much endless!

We’re curious…what desserts do you serve up during your book clubs? We’d love to know!

Also, good news…for those of you in book clubs, my publisher Hyperion is doing a giveaway where you and your book club {up to 15 members} have a chance to win a copy of Sweet Designs. I hope your book club will be inspired to bake up something sweet for your next meeting. Head on over here for the Giveaway.



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  • ladywild

    Brownies…or chocolate…or brownies and chocolate

  • something sweet and something salty — some type of GF cookie, and hummus w/ veggies! 🙂

  • Rena

    When I hosted last month I made choco/marshmallow whoopie pies and white choc covered pretzels. I also served rainbow fruit skewers, iced raspberry tea, 3 types of sorbet, a few types of candy, and pop chips.

  • Rebecca Disher

    When I host I like to have an array of things. Coffee, teas, cocoa or lemonade. I like to make a relish tray with fresh veggies,or sometimes a nice salad of some sort. Chips and a couple of types of dips and finger sandwiches. Scones, biscotti,cookies, and something that involves chocolate. lol
    On occasion we have a pot luck. And my favorite thing of all time is when a book we’ve read talks about food. A meal or celebration of some sort where they state what was served, The menu will revolve around that. Lots of fun and NEVER dull! 🙂
    Thank you and Happy Reading everyone. 🙂

  • Kim black

    We recently had a book club at my house for “The Help” and of course had to serve chocolate pie. We also had an assortment of other Southern favorites. Love the food! Love the company!

  • Marilyn Sieb

    I would love to win a copy of the book for my bookclub, but when I tried to enter, it took me to a blank facebook page!

  • shari

    I hosted around Easter so made cakeballs that looked like chickens and had a foil covered choco eggs and water bottles with cute easter wraps

  • Nancy Narma

    We are a Long Distance Club who have come together on Facebook, mug of tea or coffee and something yummy in chocolate in hand to see what everyone else is reading and how they liked/hated it. New friends and wonderful books..it doesn’t get better than that!!

  • Depending on the theme. Our book club read Butterfly’s Daughter. Which is a story of young Mexican girl on a road trip from Milwaukee to Mexico to meet her mother, and family. I planned all Mexican food, for dessert I made Flan. It was so yummy.

  • Kelly

    Cookies or pie or cheesecake are always a great hit on book and knitting night!

  • We try to potluck to the theme of the books we read so it depends on the book… we have had delicious cakes and cupcakes (Henry’s Sisters), delectable chocolates (Chocolat) and recently for The 19th Wife I made shortbread cookies int he shape of tea bags with tags that had the book title.

  • Book Club eats with my Chapter Chicks are always a happy surprise. For Hunger Games the host did foods to represent each district. For House Rules the host honored Yellow Wednesdays and all the foods were yellow. For Driven the host put together a concessions stand of typical basketball game nibbles. My friends are SO creative and your book would be a happy supplement to their already amazing skills.

  • Vidalia onion dip! It was so good. Still trying to replicate it at home. It did fit thematically, since we read Southern lit.

  • An idea for my YAL book club at a middle school (for teachers and kids):
    DOWNRIVER (Will Hobbs)–Lasagna with a reasonable amount of garlic, steamed rice with cheese melted on top, trail mix, pineapple angel food cake bake and mud cake.

  • LOVE the look of your book Amy!! I entered the giveaway and will keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

    Our book club has been meeting for a little over 10 years now, and we are getting ready to read our 100th book in September!!!!!

    Our book club started as dinner meetings, but they were so much work that we changed them to dessert club meetings, which have been a blast. I actually just hosted a meeting last Thursday evening here at my house (there are 6 of us), and I served balls of vanilla ice cream rolled in toasted coconut, which were then drizzled with chocolate. EVERYONE loved them. 🙂

    Can’t wait to check out your book.

  • Karin McCormick

    I love surprising friends by actually making a dessert instead of buying a cake or cookies. Book clubbers beware!

  • Robin Nyzio

    My book club members try to serve food to go along with the book when at all possible. Of course sometimes we bend the rules…like the month we read the biography of Pearl Buck and fortune cookies and sushi were served!