May 17, 2012

Having A Ball Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

This sweet party was sent to us by Gretchen from Three Little Monkeys Studio. Her grandmother hit a huge milestone this year when she turned 90 and Gretchen wanted to celebrate in style. When she and her mom were trying to think of a theme, they kept reminiscing about her grandparents farm and gardens filled with zinnias. So a zinnias and vintage mason jar birthday seemed like a fitting way to celebrate her grandma. They called it “Having a Ball”, because Gretchen felt it summed up her grandmother’s joyful personality perfectly. We love all the details that Gretchen brought in. Sweet treats included Zinnia shaped sugar cookies, cupcakes,  and the fabulous “Having a Ball since 1922” jar cookies. Doilies from her grandmother’s closet added a vintage, feminine feel to the table. Old windows purchased at Good JuJu were used to create a photo display of her grandmother through the years. Guests were given homemade peach and cherry Pie In A Jar. We love all of the personal touches in this party.  Great job!

Scroll down for the vendor credits.


Printables: Three Little Monkeys Studio
Fondant Zinnia Cupcake Toppers: Edible Details
Vintage Mason Jar and Zinnia Cookies: Cookies With Character
Cake and Cupcakes:
Three Women and an Oven
Sweet Georgia Sweet
Good Ju Ju
Dalton’s Flowers

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  • This is just darling! Love the theme + colors!!

  • Oh, what a creative way to incorporate the Ball mason jars! The cookies look amazing!

  • Kristen

    Such a sweet birthday theme! Love the little details like the doilies and the mason jar cookies! The last image is what it’s all about, those many memories.

  • What a darling party! I think those might be the prettiest sugar cookies I have ever seen. Such a cute theme….

  • So sweet and so beautiful.
    Finally I received your book in London and it is amazing I love it.
    Thank you Amy, Wish you great success.

  • WOW! Have a look at this sweet Sugar Cookies! Looks great!

  • I love this! The details are just what really grab me… the ball jar cookies, the pies in a jar, the pictures in the windows. I love it. It’s just a great party, and a fantastic celebration of 90 wonderful years!

  • Just beautiful! Those cookies are perfect.

    Your cookies are perfect!
    Details incredible!

  • Beautiful color scheme and vintage feel. Adore the Mason jar cookies!! The theme and title is so clever and fitting!

    Catherine Joy – Serendipity Soiree

  • How beautiful and creative!!! Just love it!

  • so darling!

  • Absolutely wonderful!!!

  • SO beautiful!!!

  • Love, love, love!

  • What’s better than cake in a jar? Pie in a jar!

  • Ah, what a beautiful labor of love! I adore the Zinnias, done to perfection right along with those Ball cookies. The doilies from her closet are a lovely touch, the old photos in the windows just awesome! And of course, the mini pies in a jar with the burlap embellishments take you right back to the days when women did a lot of canning, wore some pearls and worked really hard. Beautiful! I hope her Grandma loved it.