Apr 11, 2012

Pattern Study: Tastefully Toile

Today’s pick from our design study is the classic Toile print from our pattern glossary board.  What’s not to love about this beautiful pattern that depicts everything from a British battle scene to beautiful florals and birds. Typically, the Toile pattern is two colors making it perfect to use as a backdrop. Add some pretty florals on your dessert table to give it a feminine feel for a bridal shower or baby shower. Keep the vessels clean to keep the table balanced. How have you all used the toile pattern?

1. lamp 2. cookies 3. skirt 4. rainboots 5. cake 6. teapot 7. cupcake liners 8. interior 9. cake stand 10. wingback chair



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  • Beautiful post. The cake is breathtaking and those boots…I want those! 🙂

    This is one of our absolute favorite patterns. Gorgeous in a baby nursery. One of our favorite prints in toile comes from the famous: Amy Coe with her Pink circus. Beautiful paired with pale yellow. 🙂

  • i love toile! I used it in my wedding!

  • Shannon

    I made my little boys Easter ties out of toile. I love, love, love toile.

  • I did my own version of a mini dessert table with this pattern. http://yumeventos.com.ar/#item