Mar 28, 2012

Inside the Book: Key Lime Bars

Thank you to everyone who responded to my facebook posts and tweets about sharing a recipe from Sweet Designs. We added up all of the votes from the various polls and Key Lime Bars won with a slight margin. This Key Lime Bar recipe is in my Take Me Away chapter {there – now you know about another chapter!}  I decided to do a Take Me Away chapter in the book because I’ve always been inspired by the gorgeous colors and patterns of resort wear. I’m always inspired by fashion, but ESPECIALLY during resort season!  There is something about the exotic and colorful ikat and peacock patterns which fill up Manhattan’s spring windows that manage to make me feel like I’m being “taken away” to an exotic island. Even when I’m freezing in the months of March and April, I can at least dream about white sand between my toes and getting rid of the last bit of chill in my body. When I was planning this dessert table, I immediately thought of citrus flavors both for flavor and color.  My refreshing and zesty lime bars from this chapter will instantly wake up your sleepy winter palate and make you feel as if Summer has arrived! There are other great citrusy desserts from this chapter and I can’t wait until you see and try them all with the full table in the book! Hope you enjoy them!

PS – If you haven’t bought Sweet Designs, buy it here!  It’s on sale!


Copyright Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft It, Style It, Hyperion Books 2012
Photography by Johnny Miller.



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  • Rena

    Stunning! Love! Can’t wait to see the rest!!

  • Doris

    Hi Amy, congratulations on the new book. I’m dying to get it, but I have a question. Will the book be published on Kindle or iBooks? I love having the books with me at all times.

    • Amy

      Doris – Not right away. With technology today, this type of a book is hard to format for Kindle/iBooks. Both readers and I would get frustrated with the way how the design would translate to their formats. That will change soon though because Kindle/iBooks will figure out how to make it work.

  • HiLLjO

    Yummy! The pictures are just as delicious-looking as well! Great job, guys!

  • Melissa

    I love these! They look gorgeous! I have a question about the “shelf-life” of these types of desserts while on display and not refrigerated? Certainly, you’d like everything to be on display and looking pretty throughout a party but is there a risk with certain items not being kept cool (whipped cream, custard, etc)? How do you get around that?

    • Amy

      Melissa – I would definitely put key lime bars out right before serving. They will stay fine at room temperature for at least an hour. Realistically after an hour they will likely be eaten. If you have a longer event, then put out a smaller platter of those items and keep replenishing with the refrigerated ones. – Amy

  • Susana@citrusandorange

    Amazing… the colors, patterns, balance, details… Can’t wait to check the book, you never cease to amaze me!


  • Monica

    WOW!!! I feel like I should be on a tropical island with a cocktail in my hand.

  • stacy

    Beautiful Amy. Love peeking inside the book. Can’t wait to get my copy.

  • Lisa M.

    Fantastic! Love the colors.

  • Danielle- Cutie Putti Paperie

    I love this! Love the ikat back drop! And I’m definitely trying this recipe I love key lime!! Beautiful job :-)

  • Roxana

    Amy, the more you post the more anxious I get! Cannot wait to get your book! I keep checking my B&N account for shipping info! Love the Key Lime Bars!

  • Emily

    Gorgeous! Blues and greens are my absolute favorite (and are sometimes hard to make into something yummy-looking!). Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to get the book.

  • alexandra

    Simplemente delicioso…

  • One Divine Party

    Yeah….can’t wait to try it out! I LOVE key lime anything :) xx

  • Bob Smith

    These look delicious

  • http://[email protected] Rosetta

    Just the work keylime makes my mouth water! I definitely have to make these!