Feb 08, 2012

Sugarlicious Book Tour & Giveaway

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Swag

You guys know I love sharing great books with you when I find them. Sugarlicious by Meaghan Mountford is another Great Find! We have loved Meaghan’s work for years. Meaghan was a guest contributor a couple of years back and shared with our readers how to create these fantastic lemonade cookies. We are excited to be part of her blog tour. Sugarlicious is packed with over 200 color pages of ideas for decorating cute and clever sweets, including cookies, marshmallows, cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, petit fours and candy clay. Froggy cupcakes, milkshake cake pops and mustache and bow tie cookie pops are just a sweet sampling of what is inside. This book is great for the seasoned baker and novice alike.

Now for the SWAG!

Meaghan is giving away a copy of Sugarlicious and the prize pack (see photo below), which includes a Sugarlicious apron, hot pink oven mitt, spatula, post-it notes, and a little recipe booklet. To win, you must be a fan of Amy Atlas Events on Facebook and leave a comment below telling us who you would buy this book for.  One winner will be chosen from all of the comments/entries posted below. Giveaway ends on Friday, February 10th at 11:59 PM EST.  Giveaway is open to anyone that has a U.S. or Canada shipping address.Winner will be contacted via email and will need to respond with requested information within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be chosen. Amy Atlas Events and the sponsor reserves the right to cancel or end the contest at any time.

Good luck..here is a little tease!

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  • Rebecca Holcombe

    This book looks very exciting. I would buy this book for myself (can’t pass up a good SWEET book):-) and one for my neice who does baking for her two SWEET little girls.

  • Already a fan of Amy Atlas AND The Decorated Cookie. I would buy this book for Norene of Party Pinching. Because like Meaghan that woman can ROCK the candy. How she looks at candy in it’s shiny little packaging and see’s the creations she does is beyond me. Have you seen her cuteness ?!

  • gail

    liked you on fb. i would buy this book for my sister

  • Tina

    Book looks great! Just started a cupcake business (due to my recent termination from work) and I would like to win so I can make more exciting goodies for my family and potential customers.

    Love your blog by the way! Keep up the good work! (already a fan at facebook)

  • mona

    Oh my! So many cute cookies!!!! Would love to win this gorgeous book for my baby’s upcoming birthday!

  • Pallavi Kale

    Hello ,

    I would like to win this for myself. love trying out new things and I follow this blog everysingle day becasue its such an inspiration.This book also looks very inspiring.


  • ileana

    I would buy this book for MYSELF! LOL It looks like one of those books that just makes you HAPPY All Over!! 😀

  • Heather Clark

    Been a fan of Amy Atlas Events for a long time! I of course would buy this for myself! That book looks awesome, so many great ideas.

  • Michelle

    I would buy the book for myself. I love learning new things like this. I love how colorful and brite the photos are. Thanks so the chance to win!

    • Michelle

      Oh yeah! I am a already a fan of Amy! I love her inspiration!

  • Jordan

    Because I just started learning to bake tasty treats and decorating cookies!!!

  • Ebonie

    I would buy this book for myself! Always looking for new inspiration!

  • Jacinta

    Well, other than buying it for ME I would probably buy one for a my friend Amy who also loves all things baked and maybe one for my sister-in-law too.

  • OH, yes, yes, yes, PLEASE!!! I would keep this for myself. But I promise to make goodies to share with plenty of others. Pinky promise.

  • Too bad I live on the wrong continent for the swag 🙁

    But I think I’ll still buy the book! I love working with sugar. Always need to learn more and more.

  • Always a fan of Amy Atlas Events!!! I would love this book for myself. I am a party planner with a love for sweets and dessert styling! Thank you!

  • Mary

    I would buy this Sugarlicious book for myself and my 2 daughters whom are always creating sugarlicious goodies! Yummy! And we are fans of Amy! She’s sugarlicious, too!

  • I’d buy this book for my sweet friend Callie who already makes beautifully creative desserts, this would give her inspiration and extra know-how for even more delicious eats!

  • I would buy this book for myself of course! But I would also buy a copy for my niece who just turned 5…she loves to bake just like her aunt!!! Amazing giveaway. Thanks.

  • Ruth Allmart

    Wow, that book looks awesome! I would buy it for myself 🙂 Thanks for enabling me.

  • Laura Armato Tyler

    I am already a huge fan of Amy’s work. I love baking and decorating books and am always looking for new ideas. I am currently planning my first Amy Atlas-style dessert table. It may be selfish, but I would buy this book for me and treasure it!

  • Alison

    I would buy this book for me….I am the “room mom” for my son’s 3rd grade class and in charge of all of the parties…I love to create fun and exciting parties with different themes and this would really help/spark my creativity! I am just getting into cake/cupcake/cookie decorating and this book is super cool!!!

  • Already a fan on Facebook. I would love this book for myself! Love being inspired by new “dolce” treats!!

  • Windy

    Hm…can I say I would buy it for me?! 🙂 Ok, fine. I’ll pick someone else. I would buy it for my ‘sis who is into baking. I’m a fan now over on facebook. I love giveaways. They help me find great bloggers to follow!

  • Truc

    I’d buy the book for myself!

  • Ana

    I would buy this book for my friend Alexandra. She is starting her own baking business and I must say she is one of the most talented people I know. She is always making someone smile with her clever comments and delicious recipes so I think giving her this as a present would be a great way of returning a smile.

  • I would buy a book for myself! With my first baby on the way… I’m going to need a lot of inspiration for birthday parties & for those days when I just need to suprise my little my with a sweet treat!

  • What a beautiful looking book; the colours are amazing! I would definitely buy this book for myself as I LOVE baking and getting creative with flavours and decorating. Looks great! Thanks!

  • I would buy this book for myself! I already like (LOVE) Amy Atlas on Facebook.

  • I would buy one for myself and one for my friend Ofelia who loves sweet stuff as much as I do.

  • Maricel

    I would buy this book for myself and two of my friends who love to bake and decorate as well. I am already a big fan of the Sweet Amy Atlas and enjoy her inspiration daily! Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  • I would buy this book for me . . . and another copy for a co-worker who loves to bake and play with her food just as much as i do!

  • Donna B

    I’d buy this for myself in a heartbeat. LOVE it when art meets sweet!

  • Robyn

    I’m a fan on facebook, and follow your awesome blog.
    I would love to buy this for myself – happy February to me!!! I would also buy one for my sister in law who always makes the most fantastic cakes for her kid’s birthdays.

  • Sarah Coons

    to say im obsessed with Amy Atlas would be a huge understatement! Im obsessed!!! I would definitely buy myself the book for a young family friend who’s passion for baking is incredible

  • Robin Schmitt

    This looks like a great book for my future DIL! Of course I will have to borrow it!

  • Peggy St. Clair

    Just bought it for myself and will buy one for my sister’s b-day if I don’t win it for her. My daughter will probaly steal it so I might have to get one for her too. Love the book and can hardly wait for Amy’s book to arrived–

  • Jackie Sherrill

    A treat for MYSELF!! thanks!

  • Larissa pavei

    I am alreayd a fan on fb! And my daughters and I would love this book!

  • Tiana

    I’d get one for myself and one for my sister!

  • Katy

    Hi there Amy and Meaghan,

    I would buy this book for my dear friend Cami SanRomani of Cami’s Cake Co in Eudora Kansas. This Valentine’s Day is her one year anniversary of opening her own cupcake storefront, after working for 2 years out of her tiny apartment kitchen. She just had her first baby and 3 weeks later, she’s hosting a one-year party for her shop. She is completely self-taught and loves getting new books to teach herself new ideas for decorating cakes and cupcakes. I would keep the oven mitt and spatula for myself (Cami hates pink, but I love it :)).


  • Patsy Stewart

    Sugarlicious would be a fantastic book for Sugarpie! I absolutely love baking & decorating! What a wonderful resource this would be! I can only imagine the ooos & aaaaas from these super cute, sugar creations!

  • Rikki-Dee

    I would buy this for my friend. We love decorating cupcakes.

  • beka

    i would totally buy this book for ME!!!!!!!!!! i love having pretty parties!

  • I’d love to win this book for my friend that makes amazing cupcakes…but first I’d look at all the fantastic pictures. I follow Amy Atlas on FB, Pinterest – everywhere 🙂

  • I’m a fan on facebook. I would buy this book for myself. But everything I make from it would be shared with my lovely friends who are always asking me to bake something new. Some more inspirations would be awesome!

  • Cecily

    I love the book, it looks so cute. I would buy it for my friend Alicia, she love to decorate cakes.

  • Karina

    I would buy this book for myself 🙂
    I starting to do some baking with my 4 year old daughter.

  • Id buy it for myself! Is that selfish? Hehe I’m a fan of Amy on fb

  • Dalia

    My sister’s an excellent cook and a wonderful hostess, but I’m the baker, cake decorator, sweets organizer for most events so I would buy it for my sister who would then give it back to me and tell me to make everything in the book…LOL!!!!

  • Karen

    I am already a fb fan! I would buy this book for myself as I love to bake cute treats!

  • Paola Carvajal

    Hi Amy, I will buy 3 copies of this book, one for my mother because she love to bake and teach me when I was little, one for my niece, she is ten years old and makes some pretty cookies and one for me!

  • Natalie

    I would buy this book for myself! 🙂 I would use it to bake all the cute things with my 4 year old!

  • Diane

    My long-time (not old) friend Chrystal would love this book.

  • Michelle pattinson

    Oh dear. I live in the uk so unable to enter. That said I would buy this book for my self and one for a friend who loves baking but doesn’t have the time at the moment due to illness in her family. I would hope that the bright cours etc would cheer her up. I love the frog cupcakes!

  • amber saucedo

    the book look great !!! i would love a copy.

  • Aishah Khan

    Recently married, my husband and I have been working on being better party hosts and have turned to creative menus and desert tables as.a start (along with our friendly personalities of course:). Amy’s table ideas have been a great inspiration, and I would buy this book for my husband. The creative ideas will make him more willing to help me 🙂

  • Heather F

    I would want the book to share with my daughter. Then we could make all these awesome treats together! 🙂

  • Hy joined your facebook page and saw about this. Give away 🙂 cant resist such sweet temptation , would love to buy for my 2 lil daughters as both love eating and helping me decorate and. my older girl who is 5 has a passion for colorfull books and selecting treats for us to try from them 🙂

  • Sorry didnt realise its fr us im in the uk 🙁

  • April

    I liked her on FB. I would give it to myself 🙂

  • Maria

    I will love to buy it for myself or a friend with young kids 🙂

  • Awesome giveaway … Love this book 😉
    I would buy it for myself .
    Already “liked” you on Facebook.



  • Tina

    I’m sure I can get lost in this & have “sweet” day dreams! 🙂

  • Phu

    Ooooh, with a new little one this book will be AWESOME for planning birthdays and parties!

  • I would give the book to myself because I am the baker of the family. I love to bake and fine it be very therapeutic, plus I love to see my children take the first bite and tell me how much they love it.

  • Emily

    I would buy this book for my little sister, Maggie (11 years old) and myself. Maggie loves when I bake goodies but she especially loves when I create a theme with the goodies. For example, once for a party of hers, we made vanilla cupcakes but used cookies, jelly beans, sprinkles and some frosting to create a bee hive/honey comb. It was so cute and I would love to be able to make more things like that with her!

  • I’d buy it for myself, my sister, my friend… so many people!

  • i will buy this book for sure,,super cute ideas,,my daugthers and i will be have fun trying all this great recipes,,thanks for the giveaway Amy and Meaghan

  • I’m a fan on Facebook, and I would buy the book for myself!

  • I am a fan on fb and I would love to win this for my daughter and I! Such amazing things!

  • I am a loyal fan (of your dessert tables, blog, upcoming new book, and facebook) and would love to buy this book for myself, my mother, and at least 4 of my baking friendly friends! 🙂 Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a copy!


  • I’m a definite FB fan of yours and I love Meaghan, been a stalker of hers forever so I would love to get her new book.

  • Marlena

    I would definitely buy this book for myself and my sister, it would be so much fun!!

  • RC

    I would buy it for myself!

  • Lauren

    SUGAR and SPICE is what we in Arkansas are made of! Love The BOOK!

  • Gina Christiansen

    i would love to have this book for myself. I am planning a large baby shower for a friend and 2 weeks later I am hosting a very large couples wedding shower for my nephew. Liked on Facebook. Thanks

  • Jennifer

    I would buy this for myself and my two best friends! All three of us are expecting and there are showers and birthday parties in our near future. I would love the chance to get this book for creative ideas:).

    Jenny S

  • Janel

    Wow, I love the bright colors! I would get this book for myself or my sister since our new found hobby is designing dessert tables. Hope I win!

  • Kesha

    I am a fan of Amy Atlas on FB

  • Kesha

    I would buy this book for my daughter! She would adore it:-)

  • shellycake

    The frogs are just too cute! Thanks for introducing Sugarlicious. I forsee many hours spent recreating her cute creations!

  • Lorna

    I would love this book … for myself, of course.

  • I would buy this book for my son’s girlfriend who started her own cupcake business that is doing very well! I would also have to get one for myself!!!

  • I would buy it for myself, of course!

  • I would buy this book not only for myself but all my creative family and friends. Mainly my mom, grandmothers and my aunt, they are both always looking for new a d creative little things and recipes to try. I love seeing the things they make and come up with. As much as I enjoy doing them as well. They are who I have learned from and gotten my creative bones from. I love them dearly!

    I’ve already liked you on Facebook <3

  • What a great book of ideas! Can’t wait to check out all the fun and fab ideas to use in my next party!

  • I am launching a new event planning and design company this Sunday! So I would buy this book for myself to help with inspirations! It looks soooo cute!

  • Megan

    I want to win this awesome prize pack!!! I would buy this book for my best friend who loves cooking so much that she’s thinking about starting her own catering company! She loves hosting events!!
    Oh, and I like Amy on fbook 🙂

  • I have this book and have bought like 5 copies for friends, I LOVE it – it is packed full of so many great ideas, I can not say enough. There is NOTHING that compares! I would buy one for a nurse I work with b/c I kinda forgot it was her birthday this week! ACK!

  • Jo

    I would buy one for me and one for my sweet DIL…

  • Kim

    I would love to win this book for myself but I would share it with my sister and niece. Woohoo

  • Trisha Rae

    I would love to win this book. I stumbled upon your page a love it! My son and I have this love for frogs. His name is Jeremiah and since I’ve had him in my life I’ve always sang my own little version of “Jeremiah was a bullfrog” and we always gift each other with frogs. I love the frog cupcake ideas. I think making this for him would be a special treat!!!! I hope I win the book to try it out if not I will buy it either way!!

    Thanks for such a creative mind you share with us all!!

  • alexia

    My daughter who loves sugar, sweets, and baking!

  • Caroline Porter

    FB Fan.

    Me, me and me!

  • Shari Kelley

    I would like the book for me, please.

  • Noor

    I liked your page on fb ^_^
    you rock amy!
    I would buy this book for me, my sister and my mum <3
    hope to win a copy <3

  • Well after I gave it much thought I decided I would buy this book for my Nephew Alex. A middle child of 5 it is hard to stand out at anything in a big family. Even though his height makes it difficult to reach things he always puts in 100% whenever he helps me bake. I think he would very much enjoy making frogs for his 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Everyone should have a little moment of their own. Thanks for running the competition. 😉

  • I would buy this book for my mom, who loves to bake cute, creative treats…and then, of course, I’d buy a copy for myself! I love these types of books; they provide so much inspiration. Thank you for the giveaway! (I am a Facebook fan)

  • I already a fan on FB, and I love edible crafting with my tween daughter. This book looks fabulous. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Brandy


    I would give this book to — Me! Im a mother of 4 children from ages 7- 6 months. Im a full time Nursing Student as well. I LOVE creating exciting treats for my children, memorable parties and fun baking/cooking experiences with my kids. Im a VERY busy momma, but I do my best. 🙂

    Im currently planning my 7 year old daughters birthday party – a Baking Party! This book will help me tremendously with ideas and fun.


  • Jenny

    Love this! Would buy this for my mom for all the sweet things she has done for me!

  • So cute! I would get this for my little sister, who loves to decorate and play with dessert designs. When my husband and I got our first place after we got married, she made us a house-warming gift of a cake shaped like a house – decorated with a yard and white fence. It was amazing and I’d love to encourage her talents.

  • Joy

    Fan of Amy’s FB page. Looks like a must have for me and for my daughter! Too many things to make for the grandkids for just one of us!!

  • Erin

    I am a fan of Amy’s FB page. I would buy this book for my best friend, Lori, who is super crafty. Of course, I would peruse it myself first… 🙂

  • Suzanne

    I would buy the book for myself & a friend. I love the preview!

  • Erika Martinez

    I would love this book for myself 🙂

  • Natalia

    I would buy this book for me!

  • Sharlene

    I would buy this book for my 2 DD’s and I! We love sweet treats and this book looks like it’s filled with Great Goodies to make together!

  • Yes please!

  • Kyla

    I would use the book to make yummy food gifts for friends and family.

  • Kim

    I would use the book to make treats for my little man and my hubby 🙂

  • lee

    I would love to make some fabulous looking treats for my co workers!

  • I am already a fan on facebook!! What an amazing giveaway!!!

    I for sure would buy this book for myself!! I have Meaghan’s first book and love it!! I would love to own this one as well!! =)

  • Courtney

    I host reunions with our college friends every year. I make sure to have a unique and fun theme that is different from the previous year. I would LOVE this book to help me be more creative than the the last year’s reunion and surprise all our friends with the fun!

  • Id buy the book for my mom!

  • I would probably have to buy a more than one copies, one for my sister who loves baking, and one for my friend Erica, and of course I would have to have one for myself too!

  • Not gonna lie, I would definitely buy this book for myself! Such cute ideas!

  • Daniela

    I would love this book for myself! There is always something new to learn! And I am a fan on FB.

  • Susan Tekeoglou

    I would buy this book for myself so I can make adorable sweet treats for my three year old daughter.

  • Ricci Dillon

    Can always use a superlicious baking book! 🙂

  • Mehwish

    There’s another Sugarlicious giveaway at this website: http://bestofwardah.blogspot.com/2012/03/sugarlicious-giveaway.html

    So don’t loose hope!