Jan 16, 2012

Red Carpet Cookies with Wrigley {Recipe}

Since we’re all talking fashion today after last night’s Golden Globes Awards, we thought I’d share a fun project we did for Wrigley.

As you may have seen here and here, we’ve partnered with Wrigley to show candy fans, party stylists, and DIY’ers everywhere how Wrigley gum and candy can be used in many other fun or delicious ways. When we first received all of the Wrigley products, one of the first things that came to my mind was using their gum to make a fashion collection.  Not only are these cookies great for a red carpet party {think Oscars, etc}, but they would also be fantastic for fashion week, which is coming up next month. Gum is so malleable so you can shape it into almost anything!  With all of the different shades of gum, I thought of the ombre trend and started creating ombre a-line shifts with simple sugar cookies and Wrigley gum. I love that the gum already had horizontal lines since that naturally gave the dresses a chevron pattern. For the gal who likes a little flair on her dress, you can spice it up by adding a ruffled layer. After giving the dresses a collar with gummie Life Savers®, these dresses were red carpet ready! Scroll down below to check out the recipe to create these A-line shift cookies.

What fun things have you made using Wrigley candy?  If you have, please feel free to share with us!

Fashion Collection: Dress Cookies

Makes 8 cookies (*recipe contains edible ingredients, except gum)


1 16 oz package store bought sugar cookie dough

2 cups powdered sugar

4 Tbsp milk

12 sticks Juicy Fruit® or Doublemint® gum

4 sticks 5® Cobalt™ gum

4 sticks Extra® Peppermint gum

4 pieces Big Red® gum

4 pieces Orbit® Strawberry Remix gum

4 pieces Life Savers® Gummies Collisions Cherry Watermelon

4 pieces Life Savers® Gummies Collisions Pineapple Punch

Amy Atlas Aline Stencil


1. Preheat oven according to directions on back of store bought cookie dough package.

2. While the oven is preheating, roll out cookie dough ¼ ” thick. Cut out 8 “dresses” using the provided stencil (*below); bake the cookies as directed on package and let cool.

3. In the meantime, prepare the royal icing. In a bowl, mix powdered sugar and milk mixture

to form a smooth texture. (You can also use store bought royal icing or frosting instead of the

milk/powdered sugar mix.)

4. Place the strips of gum in order to form an “ombre” or fading affect.  We used Blue Vortex, Extra Blue Mint, and Double Mint for blue dress and Juicy Fruit, Big red and Strawberry Orbit for pink dress. Using the same stencil, cut the strips of gum to fit the size of the cookie.

5. “Frost” thin layer of royal icing on the surface of the cookies.

6. Once the frosting begins to harden, place sticks of gum in the same pattern.

7. To create the neckpiece, take a piece of a Life Saver Gummie candy and cut in half; adhere to cookie using the royal icing.

Note: making a ruffle out of two strips of gum and placing at the bottom of the dress cookie will add a more romantic style. Simply gather the gum to make folds, taking care not to press to hard so the gum does not break.

**Amy Atlas is a compensated spokesperson for Wrigley.

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  • Sooooo cute! Pretty little dresses! I love it! 🙂

  • Sally

    Oh my lord. SO cute and now I have a ton of ideas floating in my head!

  • Stephanie

    I am totally taking this idea for an Oscar party!

  • Christine

    Brilliant. And where did you get those little hangers?!

  • Brigitta

    Oh, I love the ruffled dress. Perfect for a girl’s party as well.

  • Ally

    Can we say re-pin? This is so going on my pinterest! Love that there is chevron detail on the dress as well.

  • I was just examining some Juicy Fruit sticks the other day and wondering what I could do with that wonderful chevron embossed pattern. Thanks!

  • These are adorable!!! 🙂

  • These are DARLING Amy! Love them, and I agree — they’d be super cute for a dress up or little girl’s party.

    I recently made some Valentine’s Day cookie pops with Skittles http://www.thoughtfullysimple.com/valentines-day-cookie-pops/ (but can’t wait to play around with the gum!)

  • The dresses turned out so adorable. I was so impress also when I got the Candy Kit from Wrigley.So much candy! I actually made a Cake Clock for New Years using Orbit® Strawberry Remix gum,Cobalt™ gum and Skittles® Blenders.
    This is the cake link just in case you want to see it http://www.pinklittlecake.blogspot.com/2011/12/almost-midnight-candy-clock-cake.html

  • What a great idea?! Looks beautiful, I adore the ombre trend, that will be my next cake, no matter who’s birthday it is! 😉

  • Katherine

    Super cute idea, but I wouldn’t exactly want to bite into a sugar cookie topped with Big Red or Doublemint. Ick! I wonder if there’s a more edible alternative… ?

  • Ann

    Your blog and pictures are amazing!