Jan 09, 2012

Matthew Robbins’ Inspired Weddings Giveaway

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Swag

My friend Matthew of Matthew Robbins Design released his first wedding book this week.  The book is called Matthew Robbins’ Inspired Weddings, but the photos could really be inspiration for any kind of party. In his book, Matthew shows how you can design an event with your favorite objects and family treasures.  He breaks down the chapters by objects/treasures that he has used for his events such as vintage tins, maps, seashells, and even edible items like citrus and candy. I’m in love with the chapter on a treasured Portuguese bead that inspired Matthew to create an event from the design on the bead {see the crisp white and kelly green photo below, inspired by that bead}.  It is a gorgeous book, packed with eye-dropping photography and styling.  Below is a peek of some of the beautiful pages from the book, but you can get a bigger peek and buy the book on Amazon.

In the meantime, Matthew is giving away his book to a lucky winner today. Simply mention what favorite object or treasure you have used to inspire your event AND make sure you are a fan of ours on Facebook. We will pick a winner from the comments. The giveaway will end on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. The giveaway is open to anyone that has a U.S. shipping address. The winner will be contacted via email and will need to respond with requested information within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be chosen.

Photographs by Thuss & Farrell.





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  • Julie Lyford

    Love the idea of using family item! I would use my mothers teacup collection filled with flowers to accent the sweets table.

  • Kathy Down

    Love the book! Would be a special gift for one lucky girl.

  • Love, Love, this post! I’m definitely buying this book!!
    Thank you for featuring Matthew Robbins. I really enjoy his work!
    Joyce Goeppinger

  • Beautiful book! You can get ideas from this for any event – awesome.

  • Lovely lovely lovely book! I use , often, the fashion to be used (birthday girl’s dress etc.). and go from there! I think this, to me, sets the tone of the event quite nicely and ties the event to the fashion being showcased 🙂 I am already a “liker” of AAE on facebook!

  • Michelle

    Love it! I like to use my grandmothers tea cups!

  • Aletta

    Owh, I’d love to win this one, it looks absolutely beautiful!

  • Dana

    My grandmother’s guitars have inspired my party deco!

  • Katherine R.

    Book looks beautiful. For my sister’s upcoming wedding we are using the beach the family has been visiting for generations as inspiration.

  • Lauren

    My dad’s family used to have a textile mill and I would love to incorporate the fabrics at the reception.

  • Love your post thank you for sharing. Will defiantly order this book.

  • Hi Amy! I don’t live in the US but I do have a US shipping address…I don’t know if that would be enough to qualify but just in case…I am currently planning my husband’s (surprise) birthday party based on a series of African (Ivorian) art pieces which we received as presents when we lived there.We met in Ivory Coast, where we were peacekeepers, so they speak “love”to me.

  • Cameron Purcell

    I was inspired by a navy-and-white striped ribbon for my wedding in October 2011; it translated into bouquet wraps, our program design and the aisle swag. Perfectly preppy and classic! You can view photos here: http://puregoldphoto.com/?p=5156

  • My fiance and I are incorporating our Persian and Korean backgrounds into our wedding including a beautiful silver mirror that we will look into during our ceremony.

  • Sonja

    Hello Amy,
    I am from Germany, but do have an US shipping address as well. The book would just add to give much more inspiration. Since we love books, traveling, lace and VW Bugs, there will be vintage traveling suitcases, stuffed with books held together by lace ribbons, old tools to repair cars, and different treasures we picked up on our travels to the US, Hong Kong, Sweden, …
    So, it will be a traveling, leisurely book reading romantic theme.

  • i have a ton of vintage doilies passed down from my mom’s side and am carefully stitching them together to make a beautiful table runner.

  • Diane

    We incorporated a collection of 3′ ivory figures into a 60th birthday party.

  • I have a wonderful picture of me and a bride holding hands while revealing & walking through her reception tent. She was so sweet and amazing to work with. Whenever I need to find inspiration for an event I just look at the picture and it brings back all the great memories during the planning process and the beautiful end result of that reception and event.

  • Omg I absolutely loved all the pictures, I cant decide just for one.

    Im 20 years old, and you have been my inspiration for what i want to do for the rest of my life.

    I have planed a few parties, but nothing compared to this.. yours are amazing!! I want to be like you when i grew up :))
    I would love to have this book on my bedside table. But I’m from Mexico 🙁

    Anyway, thanks for posting this amazing pictures and inspire us everyday 🙂

    With Love,

    Faby Reeves

  • Ruthy

    We brought our gorgeous dining room table (with our 14 chairs) to the hall where we celebrated our son’s bar mitzvah! That was our family table and it really made an awesome impression in the room.

  • From the moment I set foot in Italy in 1988 I was inspired by the art and scenery that make up every single location, so when I got married in Florence in 2003 I made keepsake maps of my reception venue for each guest to take home. On parchment paper I drew countryside roads and landmarks with my koh-i-noor rapidograph and colored the fields and villages with watercolors so that my guests would be able to remember not only my wedding party but also their vacation in Tuscany. Now that I plan other people’s weddings in Italy I like to make the same keepsake for my couples – a piece of artwork for them to remember Italy… and me 🙂

  • Really great work and such lovely reading to-do! Not a doubt! I’ve used my grandma’s earrings and from them on… I’ve created my lovely, loving and sweet ceremony. I believe that a wedding is all about family, love, reunion and the bounds that connect us all together… that is was I wanted to share in such a special day!

  • Shari Kelley

    My favorite object I used to inspire me were pearls for a very romantic look.

  • Stevie K

    Of course I am a fan of yours on FB. I absolutely love your work! Matthew’s book looks like a must! I often use my vintage blue Ball Mason jars and fill them with flowers. I love ’em!

  • Incorporating pearls from my mom’s engagement necklace from my dad into a new pearl necklace for my wedding day.

  • Mina

    Wow, this book looks great! I have used my favorite collection of seashells for a few events, including my own wedding.

  • I moved from DC 2 years and my girlfriends gave me a huge pink Emersonmade flower pin. I am completely inspired to plan an event based around the pretty peony linen pin and a luncheon for my best girlfriends! What a gorgeous book!

  • Oh I would LOVE to have this magazine!… Why don’t I live in the US?? 🙁 Anyway, just for the sake of sharing, the last special object that I used to style a table was a pendant garland (it is actually a lamp shade) that I spray painted in gold and used at our Christmas table! 🙂

    (maybe because of the Portuguese bead I can be considered for this contest! ;))

    Love from Portugal,


  • i try to use something of my late grandmother’s for every (small) event i design. gorgeous inspiration pages!

  • Cecily

    The item I have is my grandparents cake topper. It’s classic and beautiful, I have loved it forever.

  • Lynn

    A single yellow rose is what ispired my wedding theme, I think of my wedding every time I see that color 🙂

  • Sarah L.

    My great grandmother’s amethyst and diamond ring inspired a party that I threw for my mom once. The lavender, silver and white that I used for the event came together beautifully!

  • Jody

    I love using my different sets of china – some I’ve collected, some from my mom, my grandma, my husband’s uncle… Each set gives my home a feeling of different era or a different season or country. Life is fun with china!

  • Kendace

    The item I would love to incorporate some how into my wedding bouquet would be my late granfather’s most treasured belt buckle. The buckle held a silver dollar from the year he was born, the year 1926.
    I always imagined on my wedding day my dad and grandpa walking me down the aisle together. By including the belt buckle into my bouquet I would still feel like I would have a little piece of him there with me.

  • Jessica

    I would love to have this book! I’m very inspired by vintage hats and brooches.

  • While searching Barnes and Noble for wedding flower books, we came across ONE copy of Matthew’s book. My daughter begged me to buy the slightly tattered book but I would not cave hoping for a beautiful book for her coffee table! Her style is hard to pin down with her mother being a florist but the book had MANY MANY photos she absolutely loved. As of now her inspiration is french talc tins…..mix of geometric prints and florals, and vintage velvet ribbons.

  • I am always inspired by food! I know its not a keepsake or a treasure, but I really think that good food keeps the company around, and keeps people conversing and interacting with each other. Food has a great way of keeping the party spirit and theme alive while bringing together a group of people.

  • would LOVE this book!

    My favourite object or treasure tat I have used to inspire me was an old milk glass trumpet vase being held by a ladies hand, it has ruffles and is so pretty. I used this for a small dessert table I created and took the the ruffles and colour to create the table. Most other times it’s either a fabric, flower or fashion piece that inspires me…….or of course YOU! x

  • Jessica

    I would incorporate the wedding veil that has been passed down in my family through 4 generations. Although it is too old to wear, I would like to display it in some way because of how treasured it is.

  • I will probably find a use for my mother’s old dishes (even if they don’t fit the theme!) because they have such a great sentimental value to me. 🙂 The styling on this book is beautiful and I’m sure it will be of great help.

  • Shannon

    What gorgeous photos! I’d like to theme a birthday party with my daughter’s beloved doll.

  • Laura R

    Last year, I hosted a bridal shower for my friend, Jessica. While she was extremely excited to have a shower and to be getting married, she was quite anxious about both families meeting. Her shower was to be the first time the families met! Desperate to ease her stress, I contacted both her mother, and the mother of the groom!

    The style I had created for the shower was vintage-chic, and asked the families for a few specific items to help bring out the theme of the shower. What I got was so much more! Alongside the guest book were antique white picture frames, with black and white wedding portraits of parents, grandparents, and great grandparents from both sides- each with a label! Another photo table held the happy couple’s engagement photos in a dainty, pale pink photo album I made, and on either side were the wedding photo albums of both sets of parents! The bride’s cousin found several unused terra cotta pots, and painted them in beautiful patterns of white, ivory, pale pink and peach. They were filled with gorgeous roses, peonies, iris, and lillies from the groom’s aunt- an avid gardener. It turned out both grandmothers had collected teapots, and a few from each were used to hold mints and other goodies on the dessert table. We played a game where women from both sides brought their wedding gowns, and everyone had to guess which dress belonged to who! All of this inspired both mothers, who ended up meeting prior to the wedding. They each took a piece of their wedding gown, and made the flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, and bridal bouquet holder! When Jessica opened the gift and realized what they had done, she turned to me, and tears started pouring down her face!

    Although the decorations really helped create the theme and look of the shower, I think it was the meaning behind it all that really made Jessica’s shower a success!

  • Carmen Ordoñez

    The object that im going to use for one of my best friends bridal shower is a vintage colander!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Rena

    I was inspired by my daughter’s favorite Sesame Street character, Elmo, to make her 2nd birthday party! There were a lot of red treats!! Was fabulous. I’m a fan of your on facebook as well. Thank you Amy!

  • Alyssa

    This book looks amazing! I’m usually inspired by simple things like colors or a striped ribbon, etc. It’s wonderful how one small object can inspire an entire event.

  • Jen

    I got married in september of last year and the whole experience was a fairytale. My bridesmaids threw an amazing mad tea party themed bridal shower For me and I will treasure that experience forever. I was insired by the happiness they gave me to explore the event designing business and I am throwing my first party this month! I hope I can make people feel the way I felt by designing amazing events for years to come!

  • Ashleigh hanson

    For my wedding next year I plan to have framed pictures of my grandparents on their wedding day 50 years ago.
    I look up to and cherish my grand parents and I can only hope that my fiancé and I have a as much of a happy and for filling life that they have.

  • I get inspiration from so many things!!! Today it was from a plastic horse, ha! My mom always inspires me and even memories of my childhood inspire me. This books looks so awesome!

  • Wow! Gorgeous inspiration!!! I think vintage objects are always inspiring. 🙂

  • LOVE the sneak-peaks!!!! Wonderful inspiration i’d love to add to my collection!

  • Jenny from Bloom

    What a beautiful book- color always inspires me.

  • Michelle

    I would love to take a look at this book! My inspiration comes from my sweet tooth………colorful candy!

  • ileana

    I once used my little niece’s SPIRIT (essence) to influence an event. I treasure her simple, innocent, joyous outlook on life and I used her love of bright colored polka dots to demonstrate it. 🙂

  • Becca

    So pretty!
    I have a big collection of milk glass that I have been waiting to break out (maybe thats not the right choice of words…) for a party- I love their quirky modern look- they would be perfect to fill with flowers & sweets.
    Thank you for the give away!

  • I would definitely integrate my collection of antique silver trays. SO timeless and elegant!!

  • gia

    i haven’t had a wedding yet, but i would want to use BOOKS! i don’t even currently have a boyfriend, but i know that i will marry someone who loves reading and learning!

  • kristind

    Would love this – I’m using my engagement ring (fiance’s grandmothers from 40s) as my inspiration. Vintage/Classic/Rustic wedding!

  • I always loved my grandmother tricket collection! Yes, it collected dust but she cleaned them every week and was so proud of them. Their vintage feel fit my design style perfectly.


  • desiree

    The very first onsesie that my husband and I bought for our daughter (before we even knew for sure that she was a girl!)has inspired her first birthday party that we’re planning in April.

  • Mary

    I love using my grandmother’s old costume jewelry to bring some pizaaz and whimsy to a tablescape or dessert display 🙂

  • In the past I have used an umbrella for inspiration for a babyshower. The colors i used were from the umbrella and the design i used for the invites. The umbrella was the main attraction with color coordinated flowers cascading throughout the shower.

  • I always find anything vintage very inspiring. I would loveto read the book for more ideas!

  • sylvia garcia

    We were inspired by our sea shell collection and my husband’s dress blues(Navy-sailor uniform) which he wore on our wedding day. Our colors where navy blue and white for our outdoor beach wedding.

  • I used my great-grandmother’s Noritake Azelea China for a Southern heirloom inspired garden party. The party was actually full of family heirlooms including my grandmothers lace wedding veil, her Fostoria Americana dessert dishes, an old lace tablecloth acquired in Spain sometime in the 60s, and several cherry accent tables that used to reside in her formal living room. It was beautiful and heartwarming for my mother, who appreciated the use of all her inherited treasures!

  • Joan

    I used my grandmother’s cocktail ring for inspiration for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It’s a silver ring with a blue gem which lead to a winter themed Stella-bration.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • I was inspired by purple. We used purple and white teapots as center pieces, and had purple polka-dot cake, dresses and confetti! It was a fun wedding.

  • Caroline Porter

    I’m in N. Ireland but have a US shipping address.
    It would have to be an old trunk that my father bought at an auction which has lots of interesting luggage stickers from the owners travels on cruise shipd such as the White Star Line.

  • Melissa W

    My Fiance & I have been together for 7 yrs total! This past October we decided on an actual date for the Wedding. We decided our “Big Day” was going to be on October 20, 2012. We decided on this date while walking our 3 yr old Son down our road. At the bottom of our road there is an old barn & some chopped up logs of wood. While looking at the logs of wood, my “Rustic Fall” themed Wedding idea occurred! I am going to have lots of wood slabs in my Wedding decorations. I am going to have the centerpieces sitting on thin wood slabs with our initials in a big heart carved into the wood slab. We are also going to have our cake sitting on top of a big thick wood slab with a ribbon tied around the slab. I just love Fall & Fall colors & the wood slabs just seemed like a MUST for our wedding!

  • I live by this book, it’s like my bible!


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