Dec 23, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Crafting with Michaels on Anderson

About a month ago, I worked with Michaels on a fun crafting project with kids and moms on Anderson. While the crafting project was for Thanksgiving, I think many of you can do the same craft with your kids for the last days of Chanukah and Christmas.

A little about the segment…I’m sure many of you know, but Anderson Cooper has a new daytime talk show and it is fabulous. Anderson had a Thanksgiving special which aired on that day.  Jamie Oliver was there to cook up a delicious turkey and I was there for Michaels crafting creative Thanksgiving placemats. There were over 30 kids and their moms and dads crafting away. We made “Gobble Gobble” placemats and “Give Thanks” placemats.  It was a lot of FUN!  Feel free to bookmark the instructions for the craft so you have it for next year, or modify it for the upcoming holidays.  You can do the same thumb-painting technique for the turkeys (which the kids loved) for thumb-painting lights on Chanukah menorahs or branches on Christmas trees.  My kids love contributing to our holiday tabletop and placemats are a great way to get kids involved in helping.  The best part is…all you need is scrapbook paper, paint, glue, construction paper, and basic tools like scissors and pencils!  And it is really EASY.  So…what are you waiting for?

Scroll down to see all of the pictures from the crafting segment…

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  • sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more

    so cute, and neat to see behind the cameras.

  • Amy @ Living Locurto

    Hey Amy- Looks like a really fun time! I love Michaels.

  • Party Patisserie

    Wow, looks like a great time was had by all!