Dec 16, 2011

How To Make a Gift Bow Cupcake Topper

I am pretty sure that, by now, you guys are starting to get tired of wrapping. I personally think that I keep Michael’s in business during the holidays.  I actually love wrapping presents for people (especially my kids). They are sometimes more excited to see the boxes than they are the gifts. We received this video from Binky over at Cakebot showing us how to create the perfect gift bow cupcake topper.  For everyone giving the gift of sweets this year, this video is a fantastic tutorial. Take a look below.



Here are the supplies listed in the video:

1. Frosted cupcakes
2. Modeling chocolate (for a tutorial on how to make it, click here)
3. Rolling pin
4. A stick of gum (like Wrigley Big Red)
5. Pastry wheel or pizza slicer

More helpful tips:

  • Use the gum as your guide when cutting the strips for the points. The dimensions and thickness of a piece of chewing gum are just right for this project.
  • When rolling out your modeling chocolate, you can also try using a pasta machine instead of a rolling pin to get a nice long strip to work with.
  • Work in a cool room, and don’t work on one piece for too long. Don’t let the modeling chocolate melt in your hands!
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  • Monica Saucier

    Super creative and easy! Will be doing some this weekend! Thanks for sharing… Monica Saucier (Cajun Belles Bakery) Louisiana

  • Stacy

    OMG…it looks so easy. Can’t wait to try this.

  • I love how real it looks.

  • what an adorable idea! <3

  • This is adorable. Love it.

  • Love it!

  • Such a fabulous idea…I just found the CakeB0t website a few minutes ago…she has great tutorials.

  • Wow, this makes me want to make a whole bunch of Christmas cupcakes for everyones at my job! It looks so easy!

  • Thanks for the great tutorial! I want to make them for my little girl’s 6th birthday, she is going to be so thrilled 🙂

  • Raylee

    Can you make the bows ahead of time? If so, how should they be stored and for how long? They are adorable! Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  • Raylee

    Can you make the bows ahead of time? If so, how should they be stored and for how long? Also, how many bows does your recipe make? They are adorable! Thanks for the tutorial 🙂