Dec 02, 2011

Around the Atlas: Indonesia

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

This “Around the Atlas” came all the way from one of our readers, Junita from Kinderplays, in Indonesia.  Junita wanted to create a Beauty and The Beast themed table but wanted it to be very subtle.  She decided to focus on the the enchanted rose.  We like the matching striped backdrop and gift-wrapped vessels. We love how Junita creatively turned glasses upside down to showcase those pretty pink cupcakes. Junita also used lots of white vessels, a great trick that I employ to rest the eyes from all of the pattern at play.

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  • Stacy

    All the way from Indonesia. WOW. Love the backdrop.

  • Anna

    The cake with rose petals looks amazinggg…

  • Junita of Kinderplays is by far the best dessert table provider in Indonesia. I was very amazed by the way she exhibit her creativity and translate them into a ‘jaw-dropped’ dessert table that was able to hipnotize everyone at (one of them is my) party. She proves that she can always deliver the best and let the rest of the dessert table speak for itself. She is a true Indonesian version of Amy Atlas if one might say. Cheers to all the inspiring ladies: Amy and Junita. Keep up the amazing work, ladies 🙂