Nov 15, 2011

Pink & Gold Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

We received this beautiful dessert table from Daisy at Leo & Bella, This pink and gold dessert table was put together for a little girls 1st birthday party. All of the sweets were baked by the little girl’s mother. The ruffled cake has been popular this year. The soft ruffles definitely give off a feminine feel. Other sweet treats included pink with gold dust cupcakes, sugared cookies and pink & gold meringue. Jars were filled with popcorn, rose flavored pink fairy floss, jelly beans and milk bottles. Daisy had a backdrop designed for the event to add a vertical element since the party was held outdoor.  She added three poms to the backdrop to bring in a dreamy vibe. Scroll down below to see the vendor credits.

To see some more parties with the ruffled cake, click here and here.

Photography by White Sparks Photography.

Vendor Credits:
Stylist: Leo & Bella
Printable Labels & Backdrop artwork: Emma Smith Stationery
Cake & Desserts:  The Sweet Life
Ruffled Table Cloth: Vintage Sew & So
Tulle Pom Pom: Kylies Collection
Invitation: Bee & Daisy
Bunting : Em & JJ
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  • Quite a talented baker mommy! Everything looks great! I love the carriage favours.

  • T’is soo beautiful! Love all the lovely vessels. The paper flowers are adorable! By any chance, is there a DIY tutorial available you can share with us? Thanks! 🙂
    Have a sweet day!

  • The invitations are SO sweet! What a great party!

  • Robyn

    DIY on flowers would be great!

  • Perfection! Classic and perfectly lady-like. And I happen to be the very biggest fan of this color palette. Thank you for sharing!

  • This is just amazing! I hope Aya had a wonderful time!

  • Hi, thank you so so much for the lovely comments and thanks Amy & Lisa for featuring our table.

    A quick tutorial for the paper flowers:
    Item needed:
    Paper doilies in a few sizes
    Pattern / Scrapbooking paper in 2 contrasting colours (try to avoid cardstock for smaller paper fans)
    Glue Gun & Glue
    Bamboo Skewers

    1. Measure the diameter of the inside doilies (dont include the holey areas) and cut pattern / scrap booking paper to match sizes to the doilies’ diameter
    2. Cut the patterned / scrap booking paper in half
    3. Fold each paper accordion style
    4. Fold each piece of paper in half at the middle
    5.Apply double-sided tape or glue to one of the edges of folded paper, and stick the two together. (Folds in the middle should be the opposite sides)
    6. Spread the fan out and tape or glue the remaining side together. You now have a paper fan.
    7. Using a 2″ and 1″ punch scallop or round shapes from the contrasting patterned / scrap booking paper.
    8. Apply glue and stick it in the middle of paper fan.
    9. Using hot glue gun to stick the paper fan onto the paper doily and attach a bamboo skewer at the back

    Voila, there you have a flower paper fan doily.

    Thank You.

  • very sweet theme, loved the invitation!

  • Delia R

    I loved this party!! I wanted to know where you got that pink-striped background.:)

  • Dalia

    I just LOVE dessert tables but the symmetric ones really get me. This is just beautiful, I especially love the invitions!

  • Dalia

    OOPS! invitations!

  • Robyn

    Thanks for the Flower DIY. I worked out how to make them myself, but just got to the part of attaching a skewer and was unsure how to do. We have also done ours double sided so you don’t see the skewer. To make it sturdy enough we created a cross from the skewers and attached the doily on either side.

  • Beautiful party! So happy to be a part of this little girl’s special day.

    I would just like to specify, that the invite mentioned by Bee & Daisy is not the card shown above. You can see the actual invite at Leo & Bella’s facebook page:!/photo.php?fbid=139454082825789&set=pu.114489788655552&type=1&theater


    within my etsy shop ( )!!


    Brianna of Bee & Daisy

  • Emma

    So sweet!

  • May

    Can anyone chime in on who/where I can get the card that is shown above? My daughter will be turning one and I just adore what they did! Thanks.