Oct 27, 2011

Bollywood Inspired Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

Amy from One Divine Party sent us this beautiful Bollywood inspired baby shower.  The client expressed to Amy that she wanted a rich fall palette and a Moroccan theme. It reminds us of the Moroccan table we created for Brides Magazine.  The rich palette and sweet details, including hanging flags and copper & gold Moorish lanterns, look like they could be right out of a Bollywood movie! The guests dined on shot glasses filled with hummus and peppers, minty kiwi and cinnamon salad, papaya nectarine salad in orange juice and grilled zucchini with feta. Sweet treats included coconut balls, sparkling cake balls by Peace of Cake Cakeballs, and savory goat cheese Panna Cotta. Guests were sent home from this adventure with bags that they filled with candy.  Beautiful.

To see some of our Moroccan inspiration, click here and here.

Photography by Emily Garrick.


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  • shiori

    The colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

    • Josie

      Absolutely devine!! I love it!! The colors,the small details. Leslie and all the team, congrats!!! Beautiful piece!


  • Tina

    What a gorgeous tablescape! But I’m wondering how this is at all related to Bollywood (the Indian film industry).

  • I love this for a baby shower, so unique!

  • Really beautiful!!

  • love the saturation of the colors!! and that wall behind the buffet! Amy is one incredible talent 🙂

  • Meg

    gorgeous! can u please advise where u got the fabulous lifes good serviettes?

  • its gorgeous but Moroccan and Bollywood are worlds apart!

  • Thank you so much for the kind comments, and for those of you that are confused by the Moroccan & Bollywood inspiration there is a lot that are brinks of inspiration for this shoot definitely not an literal interpretation by any means. The inspiration that I personally drew from the Bollywood has nothing to do with the blockbuster movie but I am a dancer as well and so I drew inspiration from the style of dance. The outfits and adorning in the colorful dresses with the gold details and eclectic style is what I was inspired by and of course the celebration of this new life that is about to born. Here is what the hostess wrote which was her inspiration for the theme, I hope you enjoy…it was very tender to me 🙂
    written by Tiffany:
    i was honored to be given the task to throw a baby shower for one of my oldest dearest friends, Jessica. i knew immediately that i rather not do a typical “all things pink” party as i find those unoriginal and a bit boring. i wanted to have a celebration that truly represented my friends vibe and style. it all started with myself reflecting on my pregnancy with my own daughter, Memphis. Jessica’s pregnancy had been so similar to mine: a fateful conception, same shared fall due date, similar baby registry wants & needs for our daughters, adorning ourselves with flowy romantic dresses, and seeking the journey of a natural, low-intervention birth. it all brought back so many cherished memories especially one in particular – the task of naming my unborn. we ended up naming our daughter, Memphis, after the magical land in Egypt that i visited & fell in love with. the land was full of rich vibrant colors, gold hanging lanterns, shoe-less brown children playing hop-scotch in the streets, decorated elephants, bright jeweled platters, pitchers of Moroccan mint tea, quaint crowded flea markets, coconut curry chicken, and all things: BOLLYWOOD. the streets of Egypt were magnetic and magical; they held a beauty all its own – much like – my beloved friend, Jessica. she continued to glow with such ease & grace as she awaited the birth of her daughter, Lucca. she was the true epitome of: bohemian chic while pregnant; an incredible trying task! it is in my memories of this eastern land that the theme of the shower began to take shape and took on a mind of its own.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment I appreciate each of them!
    Amy Childs (Owner of One Divine Party)

  • Sorry Meg meant to answer your question as well…if you call The Lippman Co. Party Supplies (503) 239-7007 and I’m sure they could tell you the company that makes them or maybe they could ship them to you?

    Good luck!

  • top 10

    Wow! That is very attractive and adorable baby shower cup cakes. Do you design it your own? Perhaps you can sell it in the market. I have some more information to share with moms on baby shower. Please take a look on my baby shower website and give some comments.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment, yes I designed the entire party off of the hostesses inspiration. I am not sure what cupcakes you are talking about, maybe the cake pops or the diaper cake? Sorry I don’t see a link to your website?