Oct 27, 2011

Ask Amy: Criticism

By: Amy Atlas, in Ask Amy


I would like to ask how do you deal with criticism ( if you have any) from clients or competitors?
I know you say competition is good and that constructive opinions are ok but sometimes I struggle with
what people say about my work or baked goods.


Marta, I think everyone struggles somewhat with hearing criticism.  It is hard to not take criticism personally.  We all like to hear good things about ourselves.  After all, we’re only human, right?  But in business you do have to create a little thick skin to help you with criticism. When you do face criticism, try to take a step back and evaluate it. I think a 2-step process is helpful. First ask (1) Is it constructive criticism that you can learn from?  If so, it may help your business to take what is said into consideration so at least be open to hearing it.  Then ask (2) Is the criticism more personal in nature?  If so, was the source someone who is trying to bring you down? That kind of criticism is transparent and if you recognize that the person had ill intentions, it will help dispel the criticism. It is tricky, though. With more experience and confidence, it gets easier to evaluate whether or not it is constructive criticism.



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  • Thank you Amy for sharing……..

  • Good Advice Amy…sometimes what we think is a criticism is really an opportunity to become better.

    We all need a thick skin for any business.
    I sometimes think some people are just cranky or mean spirited…or jealous of what someone else has accomplished.

    Learn to let those comments go and move on with a 🙂

  • Great tip, Amy! 🙂 Thank you!

    Sadly, we can’t satisfy everybody and there will always be others who will try to sabotage our work due to ill intentions. I say that if you’re happy with your work & you’ve satisfied your client, then that’s all that matters. To me, everything that I do is always a work in process, learning, and work in progress. Even the world was not created in a day. Think optimistic and wash off/ignore those who have mainly ill intentions or just jealous but always keep a constructive criticism with grace, poist and elegance and learn from that experience.

  • Nice and helpfull words…

  • Thank you for the advice!!