Oct 13, 2011

Cake Roundup – Part II

By: Amy Atlas, in Sweet Styling Tricks

1. Bobbette and Bell 2. Caketress 3. My Sweet and Saucy 4. Ron Ben Israel 5. jill adams 6. confetti cakes 7. Love Street Cakes for Amy Atlas

We’re back with Part II of our favorite cakes roundup.  Yesterday, we featured Part I here. Do you have a favorite?  We’ll be sharing more of our favorites soon…

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  • Yes! I love the doughnut cake on I believe Sweet and Saucy and then Sugarhouse Cake and One Divine Party collaborated for two different inspirational shoots and I can’t even pick a favorite I’m in love with them both!!!

    If you go to onedivineparty.com you’ll see on my home page the stunning wood grain imprinted cake adorned with paper flowers from Petalos Foral Design! I wanted something very rustic but elegant to fit the His and Her’s dessert table, it was brilliance! Then the fabulous smore’s cake she did exactly what I was hoping for, something unique but that fully embodied a smores as a cake!!!!

    Love these cakes you posted…thanks so much!!!

    Amy Childs
    One Divine Party (owner)

  • These are great! There others you shared were really awesome as well. It’s SO hard to pick a favorite but the Sylvia Weinstock cake from Part 1 was pretty gorgeous! ;o)

  • I love the cake number 7. I remember to see it either on you site or your Blog. It is my favorite. I just loved that table and the combination of the colors.
    Although they are all pretty, I must say!

  • The cake to the left in pic #1 is to die for—I bookmarked it ages ago ’cause I love it so much!

  • those are just gorgeous!

  • Love the colours and pattern work for NUmber 7!

  • Dalia

    Each one of the cakes are so unique and beautiful in their own way. Some are simple and elegant, while others are masterpieces, all created by such talented artists. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but if I must, I would go with cake #6 by Confetti Cakes. A subtle color, a simple design… yet it makes its presence in its simplicity and elegance. I love all her cakes!!!